Yesterday Yaya wanted to eat outside, she couldn't eat the food they had for lunch because of allergies. We decided to eat at our favorite place in times of crisis. We went to North Atrium, a mall near her place and ate at Andoks. This used to be a take out food stop, but recently they converted it to a fastfood restaurant. We regularly eat here because the food here is cheap, tasty and their servings are big. We usually spend half here compared to other restaurant and every time we eat here we always go out with our bellies bulging and our pants tight.

Their specialty is there Liempo, which is basically roasted pork belly. Its really tasty but I suggest you don't eat this dish regularly since it is packed with fat and high cholesterol. One dish can serve two persons so we ordinarily order one.

Next is a little veggies to counter the cholesterol. We usually order the chopsuey, aside from the reason that Yaya loves it, they have no other vegetable dish in their menu. *grin*

I also ordered an additional spaghetti cause I felt my gluttonous mood kicking in. Another specialty of Andoks is there very famous roasted chicken. Its a little obvious from there logo. *smirk* We didn't order chicken cause that was the food Yaya avoided at her house because of her allergies. hehehe

I would recommend this restaurant for people with a tight budget and big appetite. This wouldn't be a perfect place for a date but it sure would be a perfect place to grab a bite. Another thing you would notice is the lack of diversity of the menu. In due time I think they're going to introduce more dishes in their menu. After all they're still new in the fast food industry so let's just wait and see.

-- Boy