Big Mao

If ever your in the mood for Chinese food, you'll have no trouble finding one here in Cebu. Cebu is abundant with Chinese restaurants and you'll have lots of choices to choose from. Each of these restaurants have different food tastes and prices. It actually depends on what you want really want.

One of my favorite chinese restaurant would have to be big mao. Here are the reasons why. There place is presentable, my first impression with this restaurant was that it was another expensive restaurant. If you look at the ambiance of the place you'll easily be fooled that its not an affordable restaurant. Contrary to what I thought, the prices for there meals are quiet affordable. The food here is great, they have a distinct taste compared to other chinese restaurants and staying true to there name, there servings are big. The service is also fast, it only takes a while for them to serve your food. The only disadvantage that I can say for this restaurant is, during weekends they are usually full and you have to wait before you can get a table.

-- Boy