Lai Garden Tea House

Today we celebrated Mothers day by treating my mom out for lunch. When we arrived at the mall we haven't decided where to eat so we took some time looking for a restaurant which was not full. I was amazed that all the restaurant where we usually don't have that much costumers were actually full. Anyway we decided to eat in Lai garden, when we arrived there we had to take a priority number since it was also full.

While waiting for any vacancy, my brother and I took a look at there menu. I thought that they had the usual chinese restaurant menu, to my surprise they had a lot of different recipes that I haven't seen in other restaurants. I told my brother that we should try some of the dishes that we haven't tasted yet, but he was hesitant since he doesn't wants his moneys worth since the both of us are paying for it. Anyway we ordered the usual dishes Chao Fan Fried Rice, Lemon Chicken, Spare Ribs, Spring Roll, Cold Cuts, Spicy Fried Squid and some kind of soup that I haven't got any clue.

There food tasted ok except for some dishes, but the service was a little bad. Maybe its because the place was crowded because of the occasion but that was no excuse for the bad service. We had to stand and wait for more that 20minutes in front of our table for our seats. The consistency of there food was also affected due to the overwhelming customers. I guess there service will be better during the regular days.

As for the prices of there food here's the breakdown:

Special Roasting Cold Cut Whole - P350.00
Minced B. W/ Po. Chay Soup - P180.00
Lemon Chicken - P 200.00
Lumpia Shanghai - P 160.00
Spicy Squid w/ S. & Pepper - P 180.00
Lai- Lai Chau Fat Chin - P 180.00
Spareribs W/ S. Sauce - P 160.00
Yang Chow Fried Rice - P 130.00

Its a good thing I still have the receipt.hehehe

Anyway all in all we spent P1905.00 including the drinks. Overall the price is fine since this is not a fast food restaurant. This would be a good place to have lunch or dinner together with your family.

-- Boy