Mooon Cafe

The other night Yaya and I spent time together after work. We were in the mood for good food but there was just a tiny problem. We didn't have enough money to spend for a fancy romantic dinner together. That night we were so hungry we had an insatiable appetite for a large meal.

I kept on pondering where would be the best place to eat. While I was thinking I couldn't stop thinking about a tasty dish of Baby Back Ribs. Then I remembered that there was a restaurant on the next corner which Yaya always wanted to go.

I suggested to Yaya that we eat at Mooon Cafe, yes Mooon with three o's. It's actually an old house which was renovated into a restaurant. There menu consist mostly of Mexican Dishes ranging from Taco's, Tortillas, Chimichanga and Quesadillas. They also have meals which have large servings and are very tasty. There customers are usually student's and yuppies since the place is affordable and has a really good ambiance especially during the evening.

When we arrived there the waiter handed to us the menu and I really didn't need to look at there menu. I instantly told him "one baby back ribs please". While we were waiting for our order to arrive I was already anticipating for that mouth watering baby back ribs. When our order arrived I was in for a shock, I never expected there servings to be that huge. The steak occupied more than half my plate. No wonder there place was always full even during week days. After that sumptuous meal, Yaya ordered dessert which was also a large serving. At the end of the night we both got what we wanted even within the limits of our tight budget. A romantic dinner together and a full stomach.hehehe

Here are some recent photos I took from their branch in The Walk

Cream of Mushroom soup


Grilled Tuna - (a bit overcooked)


Baby Back Ribs

Spaghetti Ala Gambas

Beer Tower
--- Boy