The right wine to buy

The past two days was like de javu for me. The other night I was having trouble choosing the right wine for Yaya's birthday. I was totally dumbfounded when I reached the wine section of the supermarket near my house. I saw a couple of racks of wine sorted by the different types of wine they are selling. I never realized that there are a lot of variations of wine ranging from the places where they are made to the type of grapes they use. I realized that I was so ignorant regarding wine, maybe its because my choice of alcohol consist mainly 70% beer, 10% rum, 10% gin, 5% tequila, 4% vodka and a tiny 1% of wine.hehehe Ok ok maybe thats just an exageration. My point is I really have no knowledge in choosing the right wine, hell I can't even differentiate the taste of different brands of wine. *LOL* Going back to my story, that night it took me around 30 minutes to choose one bottle of wine most of that time i spent staring at the rack walking back and forth and i ended up arriving late for her birthday. After that traumatic experience last night, my dad called me this afternoon and asked me to buy some wine for my uncle. It was just like fate was trying to tease me and put me to that ordeal again. So when I left for work I went to the mall near my office and looked for a wine shop. Luckily for me their wine shop was a lot smaller compared to the one I visited last night. But even with the few choices that was presented to me, there I was again staring at those racks. I decided that I will choose the wine the way I choose it last night. That was to buy the wine which is within my budget, so i picked one which i think was not cheap and not so expensive. After I picked the wine my dad suddenly called me back and told me to cancel the wine cause they were just going to buy cake instead. At the end of the day i finally learned how to choose the right wine to buy.hehehe All I need to do now is to learn how to buy a good wine and learn more about wine. *grin*

-- Boy