Sunburst Fried chicken

Every week my girl and I usually go out on a date, we usually hang out on the mall and when it comes to deciding where to eat, we always have a hard time picking a restaurant. Maybe its because mai and i have different cravings towards food.hehehe Anyway if on some occasions we want to eat some delicious fried chicken we always end up at sunburst fried chicken.

They have the best fried chicken in town and their price are within the budget. I usually order the double thigh, this meal comes with a rice coleslaw and some potato sidings. Their unique recipe and affordable price makes me one of their loyal customers. We usually spend between P300.00 - P500.00 for the both of us depending on the circumstances, cause sometimes we just want to pig out if we are really hungry.hehehe

chicken skin

Fried chicke

Asides from the chicken they have other tasty food such as their sizzling squid, bihon guisado, and many more. Hmmm talking about this has made me feel hungry and want to visit them right now.hehehe That wouldn’t be any problem since they have at least 5 branches here in cebu. Anyway, with all the good things I’ve said I think its time I talk about time i make some constructive comments for this restaurant.

My first advice for those who haven’t eaten here is, if your really hungry and you want your food served fast you will be better off on a fast food restaurant. There service differ from their different branches and it also depends on how many customers they are serving, but so far there best branch in terms of service is on A.S. Fortuna. Maybe it’s also because they really don’t have that much customers.hehehe If your planning to have a quiet dinner with someone special i suggest you go to their branches other than that in SM. Overall I would give this restaurant a good rating for their good food, diverse choices of food in their menu and for the affordable food.

-- Boy