Tempura Japanese Grill

Last Wednesday Yaya and I celebrated our anniversary. I originally planned to eat at The Port but when we got there I was surprised to see that they were already fully book for the night. So we decided to go to a different restaurant. There was a new japanese restaurant that opened a couple of weeks ago so we decided to eat there.

As we were approaching the entrance their staff immediately accommodated us, maybe it was because they only had a few customers that time and competition in that part of the mall is just intense, since there are a lot of restaurants in that area. Anyway when I saw there menu I noticed one thing different with there menu. Unlike most of the Japanese restaurants here in Cebu they didn't have any bento meals in their menu, which is what I would usually order. So I decided to order one of my favorite japanese dishes which is chicken teriyaki. Yaya on the other hand had rice toppings with tofu and pork, I didn't quiet get the name but that was the ingredients. For our appetizer we had tuna sashimi and ordered an additional ebi tempura which is shrimp tempura.

Another thing good about this restaurant was the food was served fast, except for the fried rice which the waiter forgot to tell their kitchen. Anyway Yaya didn't expect that the rice toppings was that huge. I think that was good for two persons, its a good thing I was hungry that time.hehehe There sashimi was also good, but its nothing extra ordinary. The chicken teriyaki was tasty and it was also a dish which was good for two persons. The rice toppings that Yaya ordered really caught my attention. It had a distinct taste and it was really good, they were able to blend the taste of the pork and tofu with an added spice to it. It was actually really good. So good.

For their food, price and service, I would actually recommend this restaurant since they also have a complementary free tea. They also have this Yakiniku table wherein you cook your food on a grill in the middle of the table. They also boast that their tempura is healthy since it contains omega 3 which is good for the heart. I suggest you drop by and try their food.