Grand Majestic - A whole new chinese cuisine experience

Its been a while since I've written a new post in this blog. I've been busy the past few weeks I never got the chance to write new food reviews for this blog. A couple of weeks ago my family had a small gathering, we ate at this Chinese restaurant which has already established there name here in Cebu.
The Grand Majestic has been around for more than a decade and as a child we usually eat here on special occasions and during the weekends. Maybe because during that time Cebu didn't have many restaurants for us to choose.
Anyway unlike out previous visits in that restaurant, this was a bit different. Our food was really hardcore Chinese food with the exception of a few dishes, that even I couldn't understand what I was eating. It was a whole new experience for me and my cousins.
The image above is the appetizer they served us. Its a dimsum sampler and most of the samples there I frankly have no idea what they are or what there made of. Except for the siomai which is the only familiar dish in that sampler.

The next dish they serve was chicken but in another style, I even thought that it was a chicken from another planet. hehehe I never saw a black chicken before thats why I asked my aunts, who are familiar with chinese food, what that soup was made. They told me its a black chicken soup and my grandfather used to cook this soup for them while they were young. If only I saw my grandfather I would have learned a lot from him since he was a pure Chinese. I could have tasted his delicious cooking.
The next dish that was served was something I mistook for a familiar dish. I thought these wear fried lumpia shanghai but it turned out to vegetables. I think they told me its made out of radish.
Another dish which I mistook for pancit bihon or noodles was in fact another type of dish. This dish was totally out of my vocabulary of Chinese foods that even my aunts didn't know what it was made of.heheheLuckily the next dishes they served were familiar dishes. This one is a deep fried prawns.
They then served the Crabs, I'm sorry that I wasn't able to take a picture of the untouched version of the crabs. My cousins were really hungry at this time and they never gave me a chance to take some shots on the crab.hehehe
This one was supposed to be a roasted piglet but I don't know why in the world they decided to chop it in to tiny pieces.