Tokyo Joes

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Miso Soup

Lovers Meal

Spicy Tuna Roll
Tuna and Salmon Sashimi

Tuna Sashimi

Boy and I love eating at Japanese restaurants when we have the money to splurge. I was not quite a fan back then since my chopsticks skills weren’t that good. Now, my taste buds are occasionally seeking to consume some fresh Tuna Sashimi. There are several choices in Cebu, one of my personal favorite is Tokyo Joes. The name might not be as popular as Rai Rai Ken but the food is really good and a bit affordable when you compare it to other Japanese restaurants.
Our Order:
1 Chicken Termpura Bento Meal
1 Beef Tempura Bento Meal
1 Tuna Sashimi
2 Red Ice Tea
Soup and the Sashimi
The Bento Meal comes with two tempuras, a soup, mixed vegetables (that yummy mongo sprouts), the Teriyaki of your choice (you have option of Chicken, pork or beef), and a slice of this steamed sweet scrambled egg. The service is fast. They first serve your drinks, next the soup and the appetizer, which in our case is the Tuna Sashimi. Shortly after the Sashimi, our bento box is dished out.
Chicken Tempura Bento
Beef Tempura Bento
I love their tempura; I can certainly feel the prawn rather than munch up a thick coat of flour unlike some Japanese restaurants. I also like their stir fried (I think) mongo sprouts. You can taste a hint of sesame oil and the dish is not overcooked rather a bit crunchy once your teeth break through it.
Total cost of our dinner is Php 545.00
Quite affordable for a Japanese dinner although the bento order did help a lot in reducing the cost. If I could make a tip, order a Bento Meal if you’re not up for exploring more exotic Japanese dishes and if you want to make small savings on the bill.
Location and the Staff:
The location makes Tokyo Joes negligible to the eye. It is located at the lower ground floor of SM just near Golden Cowrie. Personally, I think they would get more attention if they transfer at the North Wing or at the fiesta strip of even just along the side of Goldilocks. The staff is fast and accommodating although not as accommodating as Rai Rai Ken’s.
The Verdict:
I’d give Tokyo Joes an 8. 5. The food here I can recommend but, then, they lack the ambiance. Tokyo Joes is very low key when you compare it to most Japanese restaurants such as Rai Rai Ken or even Nonki.
-- Yaya