A couple of weeks ago my aunt visited us here in cebu and my mom wanted to treat us out for dinner. After we toured my aunt around the northwing of SM city Cebu. We went to bigby's for dinner.
I must say, I love eating their cause their food tastes great. The only problem is that their prices are also a bit expensive. Maybe it is because their are a lot of restaurants which offers the same food at almost half the price. Well anyway my brothers were the ones who ordered our food and it wasn't a surprise to me that they ordered a lot of dishes.

It was a good thing though that when we ate their, the restaurant had a promo. We got a free salad cause our order was more than what they specified in their promo. The salad was made up of lean chicken, lettuce, toasted bread, and Parmesan cheese. It was just an appetizer and what made it tastier was the fact that it was totally free.

The next dish that was served was the calamaris or squid rings. The squid was tender in the inside and the covering was crispy and delicious. It also had a large serving and would probably satisfy about 2-3 persons in our case.hehehe

The pasta was served together with the squid and is definitely different from most pastas found on fast food restaurants. It is served with garlic bread and the sauce is packed with meat. The sauce has just the right blend to it is topped with a touch of cheese and herbs.

My mom ordered this fish fillet dish which i wasn't able to get the name on the menu. I think this dish was on of the tastiest in all the dishes we ordered. Although I am not a big fan of fish dishes but I got to admit that this was very delicious. The fish was very tender and the sauce enhanced the taste of the fish. It was topped with some deep fried potatoes which were more like thin small fries on top of it. The mixture of the sauce, fish and fried crispy potatoe was superb.
Some of the most commonly ordered dishes in Bigby's are the buttered chicken and their famous baby back ribs. The chicken is ok with me but I would have to say it is not the tastiest fried chicken here in Cebu.

The baby back ribs on the other hand is what I would recommend in this restaurant. The meat is grilled to perfection and the meat can be easily cut off from the bones. The barbecue sauce also complements greatly with the ribs.

All in all I would definitely recommend this restaurant. I would have to give it a 8 out of 10 though. The ambiance of their restaurant are good. The presentation of their dish are also ok. Service would also be ok. The serving of their dish a big which would really be sensible since their name tells it all. The only problem is that although you usually leave this restaurant with a full bulging stomach you also go out with an empty wallet, well maybe that only usually happen in my case. The prices are a bit high, but I guess for me it is worth eating their every once in a while.

-- Boy

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