Cafe De France

When Boy was in the mood to just lounge around and study, right after our hard work, the most accessible coffee shop in Mandaue is Cafe de France. Located right at Mandaue Hi-way, Cafe de France occupies the same building as Andoks', the North Atrium.

Cafe de France is a wifi-zone and the second floor is an internet cafe. Boy even said that their internet cafe is more salable than their coffee. They offer full hearty meals, a variety of cakes and pastries, a so-so selection of coffee blends, and smoothies.

Our order:
  • Braso de Mercedes
  • Strawberry and Banana Smoothie
  • Cafe Mocha
The cafe mocha

The pastries are affordable however the coffee prices were surprisingly almost similar to Starbucks. "Suprisingly" because the taste is not at all that satisfying and it certainly tasted a lot cheaper. One of my officemates even said before that their cafe latte tastes almost the same as Nescafe's instant 3 in 1 mix coffee; and I'd have to agree.

Our total order costs us around Php 280. Yes, Starbucks can charge a bit higher especially when I pair my coffee with a cake however its all worth it.

Braso de mercedes

Location and Staff:

There are several Cafe de France branches in Cebu and you can barely see certified coffee addicts flocking inside it. The location is good and I would have to add that the internet bit is a good one to pull the business through. The chairs are not that comfortable and the framed tarpaulins (of digitized paintings) are not adding any aesthetics either. The staff are not at all accommodating albeit they are fairly fast at serving your orders.


I'd give Cafe de France a grade of 4. I guess from the start of this post, you could already tell that I didn't enjoy my Cafe de France experience (I already voiced out my verdict to Boy that night, he only smiled nonetheless since he enjoyed the sight of how bumbed out I was after I took a sip of his cafe mocha). I love coffee and the feeling after drinking their blend was, "I can make a better cafe mocha than you".

-- Yaya

Photo Updates:

Braso de mercedes

Cafe Latte