Dessert Factory

This post has been sitting at the dark nooks of my computer since last June. Boy has been urging me to write my very first post then; was never really convinced since I was busy with my other blogs and, of course, with work. Anyway, since I enjoyed my Tokyo Joes review, for this post I will be objectively dishing out my criticism when dining at the Dessert Factory.
Well to start with, the Dessert Factory is for people with a sweet tooth. There are all kinds of cheesecake, crème brulée, mango cake, chocolate cake, flourless chocolate cake, banana split cake, carrot cake, chocolate mousse and strawberry truffle. Their split ice-cream cake is an affordable treat of Php 65. You can also sink your taste buds in palatable smoothies and coffee of different kinds.
Our order:
  • 1 Beef Ribs Adobado for Boy
  • 1 Curry Pork Adobo for Me
  • 1 order of Mash Potato for us to divvy up
  • 1 Split Ice Cream cake
  • 1 Hot Calamansi Juice for Me
  • 1 Pineapple Juice for Boy
Boy and I definitely enjoyed our beef and pork; it is not only flavorful but quite tender. We also enjoyed devouring the mash potato. I have to say that their mash potato happens to be one of the best that I have tasted. It is thick, creamy and certainly delightful; a side dish worth my recommendation. Every after meal Boy and I like to drink pineapple or calamansi juice since it helps with the digestion (we are, after all, health conscious). After our hearty meal we guttled the cold split ice cream cake and tasted a hint of strawberry, banana and nuts.
Total Cost of our dinner is Php 535.00 - I'd have to say, a good price for a good meal.
Location and the Staff:
You can find several Dessert Factory restaurants in Cebu, with SM and Ayala (Ayala being the most noteworthy and full of customers) being the most accessible. I have to hand it to their staff for being so accommodating.
The moment you enter, their staff will greet you with a smile and accompany you to your seat; very welcoming.
And you just have to love the Jester’s Hat; it denotes fun and comfort (at least in my opinion).

The Verdict:
I’d give Dessert Factory an 8. The food is excellent, especially the desserts, and I just like the lively and colorful interior. The Jester’s hat is their icing on the cake.