Red Moon Chinese Cuisine and Delicacies

Yesterday my family and I spent some quality time together. It has been a while since we had lunch together, things has just been busy the past few months. We decided to eat at the Red Moon restaurant at the paseo arcenas.

When we arrived there, the place was full inside so we decided to eat outside. The place is quiet small considering they usually have a lot of customers, but its a good thing they have extra tables outside. There outdoor tables are nice during the evening and is okay during the day as long as its not scorching hot outside.

After we were accommodated by their staff, we immediately ordered the usual dishes such as siomai, lumpia, pancit and my dad ordered the rest of the dishes. I got to hand it to them, the service there is fast and it doesn't take long for them to serve your food.

Siomai - the first dish to be sereved was the siomai, which was different from most of the siomai's here in cebu. Anyway just a small insight regarding siomai, this dish is already very common here since the "Siomai sa Tisa" has been spreading like wild fire in every corner of Cebu.
Anyway back to my topic, what made their siomai unique is they used mostly lean meat compared to other siomais which is rich in fat. Their hot sauce is also good since it is spicy but not too hot. Me and my brothers really loved it that we made an additional order in the middle of our meal.

Price : P42.00 per 3 pcs

Pancit- was the second dish which was served. This dish was okay, there was nothing really special to it except that its really packed with meat and vegetables. If you can you take a look at the picture you can hardly see the noodles in it.hehehe
Price: P 95.00

Fish Fillet & Lumpia Shanghai - were the tastiest dish we ordered there. The fish fillet was delicious and fulfilling. It is crispy on the outside and soft fish meat in the inside.
The lumpia shanghai which is my favorite Chinese dish was also very delicious. In fact we also made an additional order since my younger brother and I ate most of it.
Fish Fillet - P100.00
Lumpia Shanghai - P 70.00

Yang Chow Fried Rice - it taste just like any normal yang chow fried rice.
Price: P80.00

Chao Pa Chien - it is good and has the right mixture of vegetables, meat, squid balls and the right mix of flavors.
Price: P120.00

Pata - this dish needs a little improvement. If I have to compare it to the other chinese restaurants, this would be at the bottom of the list. It lacks taste and the meat is hard to cut of from the bones.
Price: 180.00

Overall I would give Red Moon a 7/10. Most of the food are delicious and affordable and some are just not worth the price. Their service is good but the ambiance is not conducive for a dating or a romantic dinner.