Carlito's Way Steak House

It's been a while since I made a post in this blog. Although I have a lot of pending post to make I was very busy the past few days. So I'll just start with the most recent restaurant yaya and me ate.

Last week we had dinner together to celebrate our monthsary and I wanted to treat her at some place with good food. Although this wasn't the first time we ate at this restaurant we rarely eat there since the branches they opened were far from both our houses. When I learned that they opened a new branch at Paseo, I thought that it might be a good idea to eat there.

The first thing I noticed there was they had a very friendly staff and that they had very few customers. It was probably because it was Sunday when we ate there. Their accommodating staff is a plus factor considering the price you pay for a meal there.

We ordered tossed salad for our appetizer and each had a different dish.
I would have to say there is nothing extra ordinary with their tossed salad. In fact I could easily make the same salad which is tastier than what we ordered. I wouldn't expect much from this probably because this is not there specialty. All of the ingredients can be bought in the supermarket and they didn't place anything special to add to the flavor of the salad.

Tossed Salad - P 70.00

Yaya ordered their pepper steak and it was really a mouthful dish. Even though they served large portions for their meals, they lack presentation for their meals. Presentation is really important in order to entice the senses of your customers and enhance the pleasure of eating the meal served. A meal well presented will make you salivate for that tasty meal and will make that meal more enjoyable to experience.

Pepper Steak - 195

I on the other hand ordered their house speicalty, Carlito's Steak. Although it looks almost exactly the same as the dish yaya ordered it is quite different from that dish. I will have to say that due to the lack if presentation of their dishes, the customers can't differentiate one meal from the other. The customer won't have a different experience for every meal. The lack of herbs and the corn kernel side dish without any other vegetable makes this dish look like its un finished. One goog thing about their food thoug was the size of there servings. They also have tasty steaks and excelent service to their customers.

Carlito's Steak - P195.00

The location of their branches is very accessible. The friendly and accommodating staff makes your experience there enjoyable. The large servings of their dishes is worth the money you spend, but due to the lack of presentation of their dishes and the price of their food I will have to give them a 7/10

--- Boy

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