Flavours of China

This is probably the newest addition to a long list of Chinese restaurant found here in Cebu. In order for a Chinese restaurant to stand out among the rest here in Cebu is the flavor and prices of their food. Flavours of China adds a new taste compared to the other Chinese restaurants here in cebu.

The first thing you'll notice with their food is the minimal use of bitsin which is commonly used in chinese restaurants. With the exception of the honey lemon chicken they have a well balanced mix of sweetness, saltiness and sourness to their food and have different sauces for their dishes.

Their Spare Ribs is one of my favorites. The meat is soft and it is easy to remove the meat from the ribs.

Scallops & brocolli - I forgot the exact name of this dish but the combination of the scallops and brocolli produced a very delicious result. What makes this dish even better is it is also healthy

Tofu and Fish - this was ordered by my parents, I'm really not a fan of tofu so I only ate the fish and it was good. If I were to choose another fish dish I would rather order their steamed fish fillet.

Honey Lemon Chicken - The chicken is deep fried to make the coating crispy, while maintaining the juiciness of the chicken. It is then topped with a thin layer of honey and lemon which adds to the flavor of the chicken.

So far they only have one branch here in cebu and it is located at the Northwing at SM City.


As of May 20, 2011 The SM northwing branch of Flavours of China is closed.
-- Boy