Cafe Volere

A lot of Coffee shops are popping up everywhere in Cebu. Most of these are already established coffee shops and need not any advertisements, others on the other hand are still new at it.

Even though these coffee shops are new to the business they still provide the same quality and service compared to there established counter parts and what makes these coffee shop better are there cheaper prices.

These cafes are great alternatives to the crowded and expensive established coffee shops, Cafe Volere is one good example of such shop. It is located at North Road Plaza in Basak, Mandaue city.

The cafe has a different ambiance to it and the adequate lighting of the interior is perfect for studying or having a business meeting. The place is quiet and usually has a few customers at a time. The service of their staff is also fast and are they very accommodating.

There coffee, smoothies and pastries are delicious affordable and unlike most coffee shops they also have full meals in their menu. Here are some of the food and drinks we ordered there.

Caramel & chocolate smoothies - P80.00 each

What I like about their smoothies is that it has a different taste to it and is not too sweet. What I noticed on most coffee shops is that their smoothies are full of sugar that there is a big chance you'll get diabetes if you regularly have those drinks.

Lasagna - P65.00

This cheesy meat filled pasta is served hot and topped with some oregano seasoning. It is served with two slices of french bread and is heavy on the stomach.

Pizza slice - P35.00

A large pizza slice topped with some ham, onions, pepper, mushroom and a thick layer of cheese.

Choco Cream cake - P25.00

Whipped cream sandwich between two chocolate bar.

The only thing negative remark I have for Cafe Volere is the location. It is located a bit far from the city and the cafe is not located in the front of the building, and due to the limited customers they usually close early compared to other coffee shops. All things considered I would have to say that Cafe Volere is definitely a nice place to visit. I would have to give them an 8/10.