Chowking is probably one of the fast food chains yaya and I often eat asides from Andoks. The prices for their meals and snacks are very affordable and their Lauriats are packed lots of food. I usually order their lumpia lauriat or the sweet and sour lauriat. Got these very nice shots from Chewy Chua's photostream.

Their Halo-halo is one of our favorites in their menu. We usually stop by Chowking after a hard days work and order Halo-halo. Although this is a fast food restaurant they still make sure that the food they prepare is presentable. Nothing is better than tasty food that is also sumptuous to the eyes.

There Chicharap has also been one of my favorites. I cant help it, I seem to have this thing with crispy food.hehehe Although this isn't their specialty and there are a lot of restobar who offer kropek as a pulotan, I still like their chicharap cause this is where I first tasted this when I was still a boy.

Another dish we regularly order is the Kangkong with bagoong. Yaya has an addiction with kangkong, she can't resist ordering Kangkong in any restaurant if she sees it in the menu.

The King Congee is perfect whenever you are in the mood for a satisfying meal. It is filled with lots of toppings and is heavy on the stomach. I like the taste of their congee but yaya didn't like the century egg. Maybe she will get used to it in the future.

I would definitely recommend Chowking whenever your at the mall and your a bit short on the budget. Their service is fast and the serving size are large. I give chowking a 9/10.


UPDATE 10/20/2011:

Chowking has made some drastic changes on their dishes. So far I have only noticed their Pancit canton and sweet and sour pork has been changed. I used to love their pancit canton but they decided to change it to another type of noodle which is similar to instant noodles. At first I thought this was a fluke in a particular branch but it seems that all of their branches has adapted this.

Another dish I really liked before was the sweet and sour pork. I really liked this dish and I usually ordered this as a lauriat. They changed the sweet and sour pork into something different. I noticed the pork became too dry and thin and you couldn't taste the pork anymore. I really don't understand why they decided to change something good. I won't be returning to Chowking anytime soon after this experience. It is really disappointing since I had a lot of good dining experience at this fast food chain.