Crazy Crepe

Like most of my posts, this has been waiting in my blogs edit section. Boy have uploaded these pics and have been constantly reminding me to finally make the write-up so that we can publish this. By this time, most of you have already seen or tasted the Crazy Crepe located at SM's Northwing. **grin**

One fine evening, after our heavy dinner, my sweet tooth was at it again and this time it was aching for those truly inviting crepes. Depending on the flavors and the toppings, the crepe can cost from Php 70 to a Php 100, I think (I lost the receipt). It can be pricey but I tell you, it's worth it. You truly get what you pay for.

The shop is pretty small since primarily their crepes are bought for take out. The staff is okay and I like watching the crepe guy preparing the ordered crepes. You get to see if the preparation is sanitary or not which it is.

Boy ordered the very rocky road (not so sure if thats the name, I lost the receipt you see) while I ordered the one with peaches and mangoes. I like Boy's crepe better though. I like the mixture of nuts, marshmallow, chocolate ice cream and banana. The mangoes and peaches can get too sweet at some point but nonetheless both crepes have overly satisfied my sweet tooth for that night.

Some Shopping Bags and our Crepes

Boy's Crepe. Love the Marshmallows.

Mine. Mangoes, crushed graham, whip cream and peaches.

I would advise not to eat these crepes on a already full stomach. These crazy crepes are also heavy crepes and you know what happens when you eat too much. You have various crepe selection to choose from. Just a tip though, Boy's crepe is one of their bestsellers.

---- Yaya