Red Ribbons

I have always favored Red Ribbon against Goldilocks since then. My brother and I just love their cakes and I also know a few more people who share my preference. I would just like to add that among all their cakes my personal favorite is the chocolate mousse. It's creamy and very chocolaty - seriously I will have to stop there since my tummy is starting to churn, craving for some of those delectable, mouthwatering chocolate mousse. *Stop*

One lazy and "economically critical" weekend, Boy and I were both up to taste something entirely different for that particular SM trip. We just happened to pass-by Red Ribbons while carefully searching for affordable yet gut satisfying place to eat. Then there it was, beside KFC, beckoning us to come in to taste their wide selection of cakes and other truly delectable dishes. We couldn't say no and so Boy stood in line among the many people who have been called while I raced to claim a small dainty table for two.

Our Order

  • Creamy Carbonara Meal (Php 120) - The meal comes with a mocha caramel cake.
  • Petit Carbonara with Chicken Lolipop (Php 118) - This meal also comes with a tasty cake, mango creme roll.
The carbonara was really good. I really enjoyed it however Boy regretted that we both had Carbonara since he also wanted Red Ribbon's Palabok which is quite popular to be delicious recipe. Nonetheless he also liked the Carbonara but he felt that he would have enjoyed his meal more if it was the Palabok since also it has a bigger serving than the carbonara. **grin**

Creamy Carbonara Meal

Mocha Caramel Cake (cake of the day)

The carbonara serving of Boy is bigger compared to mine since I have two chicken lollipops which by the way were very delicious. I will vouch for that chicken lollipop of theirs. Absolutely tender and flavorful.

Carbonara with chicken lollipop meal

Mango Caramel Roll

The Verdict:

For their cake alone, I would have to give them 10 however over-all as a food spot - I will give them a 9 since I enjoyed my meal so much however I don't really dig the place. For me, I think they should opt for a homey feel instead of a fast-food chain feel.

-- Yaya