There was a stirring hubbub about Kopiroti. The day before Boy and I went there, I read it in some blog. Then when I visited istorya, I saw a really good recommendation about Kopiroti and how their coffee was comparable to Starbucks. What really pushed me to practically drag Boy to take me to Kopiroti was when my backpacker friend, Bar, gushed about how their bun was the tastiest bun he ever had. My mind was practically screaming, "I need to be there!".

Needless to say, we went there after we had dinner at Boy's house (I have strong convincing powers over him). When he had to take me home that's when we stopped by at Kopiroti.

We all know that there are already a lot of coffee shops scattered all over Cebu however Kopiroti really carved a good niche. For one their coffee is different. They don't give you the usual presentation. The coffee is brewed and before they pour the coffee in the mug, they pour a dollop of condense milk first. The condense milk doesn't make the coffee too sweet, even when you do stir it. Their coffee is strong and it is a perfect beverage for one cold morning. Their tea tarik was surprisingly good as well. I'm not much of a tea person and I enjoyed their strong brewed tea with condensed milk (this is the tea tarik) very much.

Kopiroti Coffee and Tea

Most of Kopiroti's dishes are for breakfast. I would just love to go to Kopiroti one morning and have a bite of their Kaya toast and their bun.

The kaya toast is a toasted bread which has butter and coconut paste as filling. The bun tastes bland but then it was my first time to ever bite into a bun wherein it's almost rock solid on the outside yet very soft on the inside. No wonder Bar was bragging so much about it.

Kopiroti's Infamous Bun

Kaya Toasts with a view of the Soft Boiled Eggs
on the upper left

I also tried their soft boiled eggs. Just by looking at it, you get intimidated at first but when you start to slurp the liquid slime, you'd be surprised that it's not as bad as it looks. In fact it's actually good. The soft boiled eggs were swimming together with black soya that definitely lessened the almost raw taste of egg yolk which usually stimulates my gag reflexes. When visiting Kopiroti, your visit wouldn't be complete if you don't sink your taste buds in these.

You know how in most coffee shops we just love to lounge around, well not in Kopiroti. For one their furniture is not made for lounging since their chairs are stiff and are not that comfortable. They expect a quick turn-over of their tables so that they can serve more customers. They don't serve comfort food such as cakes, they serve breakfast at any time of the day.

One of the greatest thing about Kopiroti is the price, I only paid Php 285 for the tea, coffee, Kaya toast, bun and eggs. Their coffee is really cheap especially if you start comparing it with other coffee shops.

I know I got you started and I almost forgot to tell you where Kopiroti is located. Their shop is located at the Gallery, its the new building located right in front of the San Carlos Seminary at Mabolo. Kopiroti is opened from 7 am to 1 am and till 2am on Fridays and Saturdays. They also have a free wifi.