Thank God It's Friday

Ever since terraces opened yaya has been itching to dine at tgi Fridays. Our officemate has been telling her that the food there is superb and that their burgers are simply the best. So after yaya and I were done with our Christmas shopping
we decided to eat at Tgi Fridays. When the waitress gave as the menu I was a bit confused on what to order. Yaya wanted to try the burger and at the same time she wanted to taste the fish fillet. I on the other hand couldn’t decide whether to order

baby back ribs or their chicken meal. While I was deciding what to order, the table across us was served with a large burger and the sight of it made my mouth water, so I decided to order their burger instead. Yaya on the other hand ordered the fish fillet.
A few minutes after we ordered, our meals were served. I got to hand it to their staff, despite their numerous customers they still managed to serve the food fast. Their staffs were also very friendly and welcoming. Service in this restaurant is definitely
not a problem.
Right after our food was served I then realized why the prices for their meals were a bit high. Their serving sizes were huge compared to others.

The burger that I ordered came with a lot of fries and the burger was almost twice the size of the large burger's I tried so far. Their meat was 100% real beef and it was stuffed onion rings tomato and cheese. One noticeable thing about their burger is the distinct taste which is very appealing to Americans. Although I consider it delicious it doesn't have the same flavors in which Filipinos are familiar with.

The fish fillet on the other hand was very delicious. The fish is covered with a thin layer of crispy coating. Inside this crispy coating is the tender fish fillet. It is then topped with minced tomato and onions. Yaya wasn't able to finish her meal since the serving size for this dish was also big.

I would definitely return to this restaurant and try their other dishes. Next time around I'll be careful not to order too much or we might end up not finishing our meal again.