Krua Thai Authentic Thai Restaurant

The first thing you'll notice upon entering Krua Thai is the authentic feeling of a Thai restaurant. The interior is filled with Thai ornamentations, painting, decors, fabric and utensils. The Thai theme is not only limited to the place, its best asset is its food. When we browsed through the menu I noticed a lot of different choices of dishes.

Even though I have been trying out a lot of their dishes, every time I dine there I always have a different dining experience. I've tried eating an insanely hot seafood soup and a spicy stir fried rice which eventually made me consume 3 bottles of water, but I'd say its worth trying.

The first thing you should remember when ordering food in this restaurant is to be careful with what you order and if you are unsure always ask the waiter. Although their food tastes great, some dishes are most definitely not for the faint hearted.

Since yaya and I usually order their spicy dishes we decided to try some of their mild dishes. We ordered the spring roll for appetizers; yaya told me that whenever I see spring rolls or lumpia in the menu I just couldn't resist ordering one. There might be a little truth to that, but at least I didn’t regret ordering it.

Their spring roll was a bit different from what I’m used to in Chinese restaurants. It looked the same on the outside but had different fillings in the inside. I noticed a noodle like filling inside it but I couldn’t distinguish the ingredients since I was already very busy eating the food. The taste was also different, unlike the Chinese spring rolls, the flavor of the meat is not really that strong and although it is deep fried, they still managed to keep the flavor of the ingredients inside. It is also less salty compared to its Chinese counter parts.

Yaya ordered the sautéed broccoli with prawns. Although I eat a lot of vegetables, the sight of it doesn’t always boost my appetite. I consider myself as a meat eater, but after I tasted the broccoli with all its other mixes and sauce it increased my appetite. The sauce and prawns perfectly complemented the broccoli. The sauce enhanced the flavor of the broccoli.

The fried garlic squid was also a treat. You could definitely taste the garlic in that dish and the squid is fried to crisp.

Another thing I noticed was their garlic rice. Unlike other garlic rice on other restaurants their rice really tasted like garlic.

The service was definitely fast. We didn’t have to wait very long before our food was served. Their staffs were also very friendly. The price is not that expensive, but I wouldn’t suggest you treat a lot of people there; you might have a little problem with the bill.