Ocean Garden

If ever your in the mood for some seafood but you don't have enough money to eat at a fancy seafood restaurant, there is always another option where you could find good tasting seafood at a very affordable price. I kinda sound like an advertisement for this restaurant, but the truth is Yaya and me always enjoy eating at this place. We always get surprised with their large servings and affordable prices.
Slipper Lobster - P256.00

I'm not sure whether their are a lot of people who have been to that place cause the location of the restaurant is a couple of meters from the main road. It is located in a subdivision behind Fisherman's Net. Once you arrive on the intersection of JY square and I think its a Caltex gas station. Go inside the road Just all you have to do is follow the signs.

Pork Belly - P100.00
Another thing I really like about this place is the ambiance. It's location is within the city but is far from the noise and traffic from the city. It has a large outdoor dining area with a lot of plants and trees and ample parking space.
Baked Scallops - P80.00
Unlike most of the restaurant we dined at, everything we ordered here were seafoods. Even though I'm a meat eating person I was so in the mood for seafoods that I forgot to order any meat.
Sizzling Squid - P 210.00

The first dish we ordered was a blue marlin. We were how we would like them to cook the fish and I told Yaya that it would be better if we tried a different style for everything we ordered.
So we decided to have the Blue marlin sizzled and topped with their gravy sauce. The first thing you'll notice once your food arrives is the lack of presentation of their dishes. I think they really need to improve on the presentation of their food. Although the flavors of their dishes are good, the presentation of it enhances your appetite and will eventually make your mouth water.

The Sizzling blue marlin with gravy sauce was the least of my favorite of all the dishes. It was probably because the sauce didn't match with the fish. One thing I got to hand to them was the fish was fresh and delicious.

We also ordered a lot of lobster and we asked them to cook it in too different styles. I enjoyed the lobster dishes the most, both of the dishes were very tasty. Although I was not used to eating a lobster with out its shell, the dishes were really tasty. I especially enjoyed the lemon butter and garlic sauce. The lemon butter compliments perfectly with the lobster.

Lobster with lemon butter and garlic sauce

Lobster with asian sauce

The Scallops with mixed vegetables was Yaya's favorite. She enjoys eating vegetables and seafoods. I also like the balanced mix of the vegetables and the scallops. They also placed the right amount of sauce which enhances the flavors of the vegetables and scallops. I really liked the mixture of the broccoli, onion and scallops.

I would definitely suggest this restaurant if you love to eat seafoods. The only thing that I could comment of this place is that the food is not served as fast as other restaurants, for the reason that they have to prepare and cook the dishes once you order it.

-- Boy