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I just spent the last hour browsing one of the most fascinating blogs i have stumbled on in recent times. Simply titled Celebrating Ndi-Igbo, the blog is exactly what its title says. I was really impressed and the half igbo part of me was proud and inspired as i read through the blog. Even if you have no connection to the Igbo ethnic group, you will still be proud and impressed with all the wonderful things our fellow Nigerian are doing. Kudos to C. Ezeh for having the initiative to put that blog together.

Celebrating Ndi-Igbo

I read a laugh out loud post from FFF about not changing your name after marriage. My sister just changed her name and it was a hassle. To change her name on her green card she had to pay over $300 bucks. I have already decided that i'm not going to change my name, and i have been told by all and sundry including my older sister who has been in the states since 1990, that i better marry an American if i think that plan is going to succeed. Oya, go over to FFF and go read and while you are there don't forget to check out her other blog, BAMBINA, which is about babiesssssss.