To start with, i have some pretty interesting blogs i would like to share with you guys. You might already be aware of their existence, but i wasn't until not too long ago. I'm going to start with 5, you can thank me later.

Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women. How cool is that. I just "discovered" this blog yesterday, It is written by two Ghanaian ladies who felt that there was a lack of information out there about African women's sexuality. Their latest topic is asking about double standards around sexuality. Of course, there are double standards. He's a stud, she's a slut (which is the name of a book btw the way). Hop on over and join in the discussion

Feddie Girl---- Oh emm gee! I love this blog, which is also a very recent find. It's a blog about a book titled Feddie girl, which is about life in a Federal boarding school. Being an alumna of one of the numerous FGGC's in Nigeria, i am tripped to say the least. I will most definitely be buying that book.

What Nigerian Women deal with. Can i identity or can i identify? This blog is basically a discussion of the life of Nigerian women aged 18-30. Some of their most recent topics include Confidence vs. Desperation, making more money than your husband (that is become more common by the day), and He wasn't fine, until your friend had him (you know how we girls are). I really think this is a very interesting blog. Very salient issues are being discussed.

Bambina. This is a new blog by our very own FFF. I love the concept of this blog which is a meeting place for all issues concerning babies from a Nigerian point of view. Me likey! I think this is a very important issue because it seems like Nigerian Women are under a lot of pressure not only to get married early but also to start popping those babies out ASAP. She needs people to contribute and share their true stories.

Sanni St. Do i love O'dee (formerly known as oluwadee) or what? This is the new blog she started after she got married. Sanni St. is the name of the street she now resides and her new blog is about her life as a newlywed. I so love the concept. She graciously chose to share details of her pregnancy with us and i like that because for whatever reason, a lot of Nigerian women are very secretive about their pregnancy. If you don't see them, you would never know they are pregnant until the day you hear they had a baby. So i'm glad she's nice enough to share with us.

These are my "finds" for today. Hope u enjoy these blogs. I will be putting up a post listing my favorite blogs for June. Trust me, it will be really random, and there is no criteria. I may or may not list only newbie bloggers.

Also, i think I may or may not talk about the "controversy" that is sweeping blogsville. As the spirit leads. Ha!

P.S. We have a blog critic in the house. I think it is a very interesting concept, if for nothing else just because i think it will keep things lively around here. So i'm waiting to see what he/she comes up with.

Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women
Feddie Girl
What Nigerian Women deal with
Sanni St