I was reading the feature stories on My Style on Bella Naija today and i found it very interesting. For those of you who are not aware, it basically features someone who supposedly has a unique style or eye for fashion, and the best part is it includes pictures. That's always a good thing. Honestly, the best thing about that feature is the comments people leave, some are especially hilarious sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way.

Anyway, i looked at those pictures and one really interesting thing is the bow legged pose. What in the world is up with that? I don't get it. Too much ANTM watching, if you ask me. Majority of the girls look really good, but i'm not into fashion so i judge everything based on aesthetics, whatever is pleasing to my eye. However i must say that most of them are obviously trendy, in this case vintage.

Ok, that's not very individualistic to me, but maybe that's what not the column is about. The ones that are punk rock/grunge are basically just dressing like every other punk rock or grunge person out there, the only thing that makes them unique IMHO is that fact that they are Nigerian and most Nigerians don't dress like that.

One person left a comment asking if a certain chic grew up in a caucausian neighborhood and that cracked me the hell up. It reminded me of a black dude i saw on the train, he had on skinny jeans, plugs in his ears, piercings and whatnot. If he was white, i wouldn't have given him a second glance because they are usually the ones who dress like that down here, but because he was black, he was different. (In case you are interested, most black people here in Atlanta wear baggy oversized clothes)

I guess my point or question is, if you dress different from people of your culture or race does that necessarily mean you have style?

A truely fashionable person to me is someone who actually starts trends, doesn't dance to the beat of any drummer and yet people still want to look like you.