Around Blogsville

The main purpose of Blog(s)Ville Gist is to ensure there's no dulling in blogsville. Therefore because we are so nice, in case you haven't heard we are bringing something very interesting to your attention.

You all know that ha ha crazy blogger called Vera? If you don't know her, i don't know what corner of blogsville you've been hiding. All i can say is come out and see the light. Anyway, in addition to her hilarious blog at she has come out with Verastically Speaking Radio. It is a blog talk radio show which airs every Saturday 10am eastern time and 3pm Nigerian time. There has been 4 episodes so far and tomorrow's topic is dealing with the size of a man's ding dong, if it matters or not.

You can call in live and contribute to the show and there is a chat room also. Go over to her blog for more details and don't forget to tune in tomorrow and be a part of it.

Also, we have our very own blogsville koko mansion being put together by Sugabelly. Stop by her blog and join in the fun. If you love the sims, you'll love it. If you don't love the sims, you'll still love it.

That's my amebo for the night. Have a good weekend people and be safe.

UPDATE: If you missed Vera's show, you can go to her blog and catch up on it and other past episodes.