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Spotlight's on SUGABELLY

Sugabelly has graced blogger with her presence since March 1st 2007 (according to her blog). She was the winner of the Most Controversial/Scandalous blogger award at the Naija Bloggers Awards 2009. An award well deserved as she has been known to cause quite a stir (or two) in blogsville. Sugabelly is a born activist who is not afraid to speak her mind regardless of the backlash. She comes equipped with her legendary sharp tongue and quick wit and can hold her own quite well.

She raises thought provoking questions on her blog and and brings to light inconsistencies in Nigeria's portrayal in pop culture. In all she is a socially conscious and self aware young lady. As someone in her early twenties, she has a lot of potential to be a voice in and for Nigeria. She definitely brings a spark to blogsville and her blog is always an interesting read. Blogsville wouldn't be the same without her. Keep on doing what you do Suga, Blog(s)Ville Gist loves you and commend you on all your efforts.