Blogsville Cliques

Ok y'all know this is the unofficial amebo site of blogsville right?? I know we on Blog(s)Ville Gist are not the only ones that have noticed the numerous cliques springing up here and there in blogsville, lately it seems like bloggers are meeting up at every opportunity(Would be back in a new post to give u guys the gist of who has been meeting up with who), its nice to watch all these friendships blossoming here on blogsville.
So today i have decided to group a couple of bloggers into the cliques i think they belong to. Ladies and gentlemen this is juiceegal reporting for Blogsville Gist.

*This is only an assumption on my part based on what I have noticed.
So here goes:

-The first clique would include: Shonavixen, Miss Jayla, Afrobabe, Tigeress, Parakeet, Wordmerchant.
What do these ladies have in common???
I'm guessing its the fact that they all live in London{well except Tigeress but then shez a former londoner so that counts}. Also they are all mature working class ladies and they've been here on blogsville for quite a while now.

-The second clique would include: Leggy, Naija shawty, Penelope, Lady X, Tay-mee, Chayoma, Tinu, Miss Fab, Fab, Rene, Sir scribbles, Fabulola, Mz Eniola.
What do these people have in common??
I'm guessing its the fact that they are relatively young, still in Uni, relatively new bloggers too.

-The third clique would include: Scribblemefree, Cerebrus, Miss Lowlah, Mocha.
I'm guessing what these peeps have in common would be the content of their blogs, very steamy if i may add.

-The fourth clique would include: Original Mgbeke, Nice Anon, Culture Cynic.
I can't exactly place what the connection here is, but i do know that there is definitely one, maybe its the fact that they all speak the same language, Nice Anon and Original Mgbeke kinda have similar writing styles though.

-The Fifth clique would include: Woomie, Esquire, Naughty eyes.
I guess what they have in common is their mutual blog Medianemesis.

PS:These are but a few, as we all know there are a million and one blogs out there ..........To be continued next week.
PPS:Post on E-Relationships coming soon.
PPPS:Y'all should watch out for this space, very hot gist coming soon.