Favorite Newbie Bloggers

Hi Blog(s)ville residents,

Yinkuslolo here! You may remember me as the shy girl, who had a stimulative experience on a roller-coaster. This is my first post on Blogsville gist and I will be introducing newbie bloggers. A newbie blogger is defined by the time that ze has been actively involved in Blogsville. The time is not defined tho.

I, myself, can be classified as a Newbie, cos I have been on Blogsville for almost two hot months. We like Newbies, and feel free to suggest them. If you're a newbie, drop a comment about ur interest or send an email to yinkuslolo@gmail.com

The featured newbie bloggers are Naija Bad Boi, Ola 'Lekan, Bubbles, What Nigerian Women Deal withand Babajide Salu.

Naija Bad Boi,: Interesting guy and he is a risk-taker. His anonymous adult-content blog is a diary of escapades with females and a male, recently. He is a player and was almost caught. He hinted hanging his playing boots, but he's a Naija Bad Boi. I don't think he is quitting anytime soon.
In Naija Bad Boi's words,

"so am about to be hooked now oo...bye bye single...hello
double....lol...but...am serzly thinkin of hanging up my boots meeeehn...wat
y'all think????"
Ola 'Lekan: The blogger with a 'skinny-legged' profile picture, you will most likely see his name as "skinny Legs' in ur comment boxes. I can omit the fact that he is a Harry Potter, his Emma Watson's pics(Hermione) by the right strip of his blog testify to that. In qoute, his welcome note is

Welcome to My freakshow..yh the circus of my mind..Even I cannot
tell..What it is you will find....okay I can...It's me on a pad..and ure gonna
feel me

Bubbles: She is a music-loving tennager and she fancies Lil-Wayne particularly. Bubbles expresses her opinion without giving a damn, supposedly (read her post: Society my ass). Recently, she wrote the first guest post on Rocnaija's blog. I quote her "Welcome" on her adult-content blog.

If you came here just for the heck of it
get the fuck off
but if you are
actually interested in reading my shit
then thank you very much

What Nigerian Women Deal With: The purpose of this blog is self-explanatory in the author and blog name. This anonymous bloggers adresses, better still, creates a platform to discuss relationship issues. Several issues have been discussed and the comment-feedbacks are great resources for an adult Nigerian woman. Topics like "Perfect Sex: Define yours", and "Change your man" have been discussed. I, personally, find this blog very interesting and I also think this blogger has another acct/blog on blogsville(just my gut, no evidence :P).

Babajide Salu: He is a recent Naija returnee, who blogs on Wordpress. On his blog, you will read about his encounters with his comic reliefs, househelp, and his opinions about some issues. In his own words,

"I recently relocated to Nigeria and have chosen to share my experiences with the world through my blog. There have been many aspersions and misrepresentations about Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. Whilst I do not believe Nigeria is heaven, I do not believe it is hell either.
My objective is to invite you to view my blog, for you to experience with me Nigeria as it really is."


That's it people. We welcome suggestions. Visit the fave newbies' blogs.