MIA -- Where una dey?

Will the following bloggers please stand up? We dey use torchlight take find una!!
  1. Nigerian Drama Queen - Guilty of last updating on June 25th. You better stop singing the blues and get your behinie back to blogsville.
  2. Life of an Heiress - Guilty of last updating on June 25th also. What's up with that! I hope you are not still crying over MJ. Ndo, dry your eyes eh and come back.
  3. O'Dee - Guilty of last updating on June 25th!!!! Since you are preggers, we at Blog(s)Ville Gist will cut you some slack. How's baby Aleesha? Oya, hurry back and come tell us how you are doing. You can leave Philo alone now and shine your eye on blogsville. Thank you.
  4. Nefertiti- Guilty of last updating June 11th. Oti o! More than a month? We can't allow that on blogsville. I hope u are not tied down in that war zone. Leave that matter, God is in control.
  5. Bambina - Guilty of being updated last June 16. FFF wag of the finger to you! Alright people, this blog needs contributors. FFF can't make up stories naow, so please contribute your experiences or those of your friends. We will appreciate it.
  6. Emeka Amakeze - Guilty of last updating June 12. Our very own Nollywood star, what's going on with u? How can you be lamenting that people are leaving blogsville, yet we don't see your brake light? No be so o!
  7. Aphrodite - Guilty of last updating June 3rd. Goddess of love and beauty, is that how you operate? How can you apologize for your long absence then turn around and vanish again?
  8. Ladi - Guilty of last updating June 29 - Miss ladidi, we know you think Nigeria sucks at this point, but we still love you in blogsville. Tell us what's new.
  9. BSNC- Guilty of last updating June 29 - Abeg come back with some more gist about your funny Granms. We can't wait!
  10. Princesa - Guilty of last updating April 24- Ah! 3 months!!!! Princesa, your case is serious. Threal level is orange. You have taken one step out of blogsville, please come back.
If you know other blogger who have gone AWOL. Please let us know, make we take torchlight find them.