August - Blog(s)Ville GisT loves

  1. Her royal Poshness
  2. Single not equal to desperate
  3. Wifey/babe shouldn't be hubby/boo boo's personal parasite. True that!
  4. This is why every naija chick is a virgin.
  5. You go chop banana?
  6. Chari and B'cup. Blogsville love birds who went MIA on us.
  7. Journal and Sexcapades of a Dudess. Newbie Blogger
  8. Diane's Style on Africana Wardrobe Diary .
  9. Nigerian Parents
  10. He proposed!
Alright people, it's that time again. Tell us what u like or don't about Blogsville Gist. Are their any features you would like to see included? Constructive input will be very much appreciated.