Blogger(s) of the Week - 8/17/09

We have 2 bloggers of the week this week. Mainly because I missed last week. So this week, the spotlight's on Tigress and Original Mgbeke

Tigress: Blogsville's silent Ninja! Her blog url indicates that she's a gangsta, so you don't want to mess with her. Her anti-social landlady is feeling the heat at the moment. I guess it's not easy living with the devil's wife, but our Tigress is up to the task.

Original Mgbeke: Self proclaimed razz igbo girl. In my opinion, the only razz thing about her is her name. She has a way with words that make u want to read more. She is down to earth, insightful and all that good stuff.

Head on over to both blogs and check our bloggers of the week out. (if you don't already know them, which most of u do)

Have a good week guys.

Keep an eye out for blogsville hottest bachelorettes coming up soon. You can also suggest bloggers you would like to see featured.