Blog(s)ville Gist Interview Fridays

Hello Lovely people of blogsville...another friday is here and we have another his opinion ''It's simple..if you spend a week in my mind you won't want to go home..GUARANTEED!!''....well who else but Sir Scribbles II would be cocky enough to say something like

1) Thanks for taking out the time for this interview
Is this thing on?...are we on the air? dis live? OMG! Oh yea...thanks for having me...not in that way sha...u'll edit that right...I'll shut up now!

2) How and why did you start blogging??

How I started blogging? Well it was Exschoolnerd's idea. I was talking to her a while back and halfway through the conversation she told me to start blogging ASAP. I asked why and she said it's cos I was awesome (her words not mine...she'll deny it but have I have proof). Immediately she said it everything just clicked cos in addition to my many sketchbooks and journals I've been looking for another way to express myself as well as broaden my horizon so I guess that's why I started express myself.

3) How did you come up with the name 'Sir Scibbles II'

I had many skecthbooks and I used them for my drawings and sketches, i named the sketchbook 'scribbles'. One day a classmate saw the sketchbook and saw the name, she said "Robby Scribbles is a nice nickname and it just stuck cos it felt right. I liked to scribble and Scribbles felt just right. Then the SIr part is from Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester team in the Universe. MAN UNITED TILL I KPAI!!!!!!!!. As for the number'II' My father's name is Robert as well and instead of using Jnr and risking ridicule from 4rm everyone and anyone* I chose "II"...y'all are not allowed to call me Jnr!

4) Is your blog anonymous??

Yes it is my dear, How else can I talk smack about people without the fear of a lawsuit or being waylaid infront of my house

5) Have you always been the class clown cuz your posts are funny as hell

Class clown? Never! You won't believe this but I'm kinda a different person in class, I leave d class clowning to the professionals. I'm d guy in class who sketches the lecturer and passes it round class secretly while everyone is trying to guess who did it. People say I'm mischievious but I beg to differ, I simply see things in a more comical way than others

6) How do you come up with these things honestly, the whole 'blog the
',spoof ads and other ish

I honestly do not know and I'm telling the truth, it just comes to me unexpectedly, I remember how Razz-Be-gone came to me, my sister was getting dressed and talking about some dude who was pestering her, she sprays perfume on herself and BAM! it hit me...aerosol to chase Razz pple away lol. My blog is like a musuem of my thoughts and the slightest thing can trigger random musings in my mind, the other day I was sitting in an office staring at a plant and started to wonder how boring life would be as a plant and even drafted something on it lol. My inspiration is random and undefined really. It's like I said "A week in my mind and you won't want to go home...guaranteed!"

7) You update really regularly...any advice to the sporadic bloggers

First of all I feel regular updating is overrated but to those who feel the need to update regularly like myself I simply say be natural and go with the flow. It sounds cheesy but I update regularly cos that's how stuff comes to me, I think it depends on what you set out to blog about, if you fashion ur posts to be about one aspect of your life, say your job, and notice you aren't updating regularly enough then you should expand the scope of your posts...blogging shouldn't be an obligation, it should be based on motivation and if you aren't being motivated by one apsect of your life then simply switch..or you could just order Nutrablog...infact scratch all that and order Nutrablog now!

8) What would be a typical reaction from your mum if she read your seem to write about her a lot

Shoutout to Mama Scribbles mehn the woman has a high threshold for annoyance! My mum would flip! She'd flip for so many reasons, she doesn't even know that I like to write so I think, sorry hope, that she'd be impressed. I doubt she'd be surprised though cos she knows what I'm capable of, the woman gave birth to me, raised me and resisted the urge to strangle me on many occasions so if she found my blog today I know she wouldn't be surprised...homicidal for the hundredth time but not surprised

9) Have you met any blogger in person?

Do you mean like face to face bumper to bumper? in reality? do webcam chats count? Well I've met some bloggers in reality and some I've met online...My anonymity is slowly dissipating

10) Tell us about your relationship with juiceegal

AAAH my juicy Juiceegal, dat my e-wife is really something lol. Hers was one of the first blogs I came across in blogsville back in d days wen I didn't know whether to show my true self or simply write love poems and keep the funny stuff out. She's a cool person to know, intelligent and really articulate as well...why are u laughing?...shey I cannot compliment someone again?

11) You seem particularly fond of leggy..any crush on know u
can tell us on Blog(s)ville Gist

Leggychukwu so rumour dey start ooooo! I wish I had a crush on her my dear but sadly i don't, she's my e-sister, she a wonderful blogger and even though she torments me everywhere I go in blogsville I still love her like an e-sister...note the sister biko!

12) Any other blogsville crushes...

Of course I've had blogsville crushes...haven't you seen the caliber of women we have in this town! You, however, didn't ask me to name them so you'll have to wait for my 100th post to get that piece of gossip HAHA!...moving on....

13) Your blogging experience so are you finding it??

It's been wonderful, the sheer magnitude of the community is amazing and I'm loving every minute of it. The different ideas, opinions, interests, controversies, scandals,'s all so intriguing and addictive I tell you. Everywhere you look is a unique person with his/her own perspective on addiction is justified

14) How long do you see yourself doing this for

As long as I can, I'm actually scared that there will come a time when I can only update once a week because the real world has a way of edging out the things you enjoy especially in hard times like this but whenever I feel the vibe I will blog

15) You've inspired quite a number of people to start
blogging.....Naijabadboi, Darkneo,P' do you feel about

Yes Yes yes I am very proud of myself, I have taken 3 very jobless boys and given them a purpose in life lol. I kid I kid, these guys are my friends and it's a good feeling knowing that you've introduced people to something as awesome as blogging...bigups to y'all mehn!

16) Finally what do you wanna say to blogsville in general

I love you all...except Naijabad boy, DarkNeo and P'sy-A-wana...ain't got no love 4 y'all mehn lol. I love blogsville and like my good friend would say everytime he gets the opportunity to speak, "One Love mehn, Nothin dey happen!"

17) Thanks for taking time out for this interview once more

Thank you for taking time out to interview me...can I get your number now?...okay email address?...oya facebook link at least.