Blog(s)ville Gist Interview Fridays

Hello lovely people of a bid to make Blog(s)ville Gist more interesting and fun for you guys, we decided to introduce 'Blog(s)ville Gist interview fridays'. Here we shall be interviewing our favourite bloggers and asking them all the questions we've always wanted to ask them.You guys can also be part of this, from next week we shall put up the name of the next blogger to be interviewed, if you have any question you would like to ask that particular blogger, simply send us an email and we would be happy to include your questions in the interview on friday. So for this week we have our very first guest...ladies and gentlemen ROCNAIJA In the house.

Hello Rocnaija, thanks for your time on Blog(s)ville Gist

You're welcome...thanks for having me too.

Why the name RocNaija
I've always been called Roc for different reasons, not like any of them are that exciting.
I was never baptized as a kid, but my folks always said if they had done, they'd have probably named me 'Peter' which means ‘Rock'. Plus growing up as an only son, discussions when i had been naughty usually started along the lines, "You know you are the rock in this house..."
In school, I was a JayZ fan and it was easier for my friends to just call me‘Roc'a la the Rocafella label. And I was someone they could always count on whenever they were in a fix.
Some ex-girlfriends had their own reasons for calling me Roc.. So it just kinda stuck.
The‘Naija'on the end is just me repping my culture.

Why the need to blog..

I won't say I feel an innate need to blog. I know people blog for different reasons.. Some to make friends, some to vent after stressful days, some to showcase their excellent poetry etc, I just do it because i enjoy it..
I remember reading a post on Nice Anon's blog once, where she name-dropped bloggers who inspired her to write, and loads of commenter's mentioned bloggers that inspired them as well.
Unfortunately, i never got to read any of those esteemed bloggers, as i have only been blogging since February, but the day I decide to pack it in and walk out the door, I'll hope to be remembered one way or the other.. long after I leave.

Do you blog anonymously or do your friends and family know about your blog

Yup, most of my friends and family know I have a blog.
In some cases I've asked permission before writing certain posts.
It does help being anonymous though, so I can't knock those who cherish the facelessness that the internet provides.

Your writing style is so professional..have you considered writing professionally

I had never given it any thought, until I first registered a domain name and got my first few comments.
Then I won the 'Newbie blogger of the Year' from Naija Bloggers Awards 09, and got more comments, prompting me to give it serious thought..
Plus a good friend of mine has been on my case about it, so it just might happen someday. Who knows?..

So let's go to the content of your posts.......from your posts you appear to be a man about this the real roc or is there an alter ego lurking somewhere
I don't think the phrase 'man about town' is a fair description..
Truth be told, with some of the stories i've written, two entirely different posts might have involved the same person. But because I'm still friends with the person, and i know how quick people are to cast aspersions, I make it sound like someone else entirely..
I guess I prefer people jump to conclusions about me or my ‘alter ego' rather than people I care about.
Hence the phrase, "loosely based on true occurrences".

Most of your posts are so steamy and you're notorious for leaving blogsville residents hot and bothered....what do you have to say about that?

I beg to differ.. LWKM..
I'll say most blogsville residents were probably hot and bothered already..
I just aid and abet.

Your blog has gained so much popularity in such a short time, how do you keep up with the numerous comments on our blog
My blog isn't popular. Perez Hilton is popular, mine pales in comparison. Lol.
On the real though, I'm truly humbled that people deem stuff I write, worthy of a perusal, much less a read.
I try replying as many comments as I can but sometimes it's hard.
In many ways I am learning to become a better blogger by the day

What would you do if your mum ever read your blog

She knows I have a blog. :)
But she's too busy trying to figure out how to add friends to her facebook profile..

Aha......the post about the druggie.....seems like anything trouble is basically attracted to you....we've read about the druggie, we've read about the cobweb girl, we've read about your almost caught in the act what next should we be expecting from your series of escapades
LWKM.. Calling them escapades is a tad dramatic.
I have a couple of posts I've started writing but haven't got around to finishing, plus i owe a few people sequels on some posts on my blog..
We'll see how it pans out.

Now tell me what would make 'The Roc' go celibate??

I'm celibate as we speak, I just don't see the need to do a countdown/up on my blog..
It's as interesting though, about as interesting as sitting in a ‘Eat-all-you-can' shop and going on hunger strike.

Any 'Diamond girl' in the picture..u know the one u would quit the game for?

Someone once said, "Invest in the human soul. Who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough".
So I invest in human souls, and let the diamond take care of itself

Now tell me....any blogsville crushes??...spill

I tried having a crush but it was so so so hard!
Cause I found out that there were so many amazing bloggers out there, that i got confused and didn't know who to crush on!!

Do you get emails asking for ''favours'' considering the kind of posts you put up

Hold on a sec! Am i supposed to be getting emails?? Jeez! Where do I sign up?! :)

Any particular blogger you would love to meet in person.

If I could choose, I'd like to meet every single person that has ever commented on my blog..
But as I always say, if wishes were horses, I would own a stable.

Finally what do you have to say about blogsville in general
It's what you make of it.
It has got loads of amazingly, intelligent people. And it serves as a good support group, when you need a shoulder to cry on.
Or better still, a kick up the backside..

Once again thanks very much for taking out time for this interview. I appreciate it.

You're welcome....Thanks for the opportunity..Appreciate it..Gracias..

Blogsville residents...there you have it....The Roc on interview fridays. Catch you guys next friday.