Blog(s)ville Gist Interview Fridays

Hello lovely people of blogsville......Another friday is here....and this week we have the lovely Brownskinaija chic(BSNC)......Enjoy:

1) First of all thanks for taking out the time for this interview.

I am flattered, thanks for having me.

2) So what's the story behind the name ''Brownskin naijachic''

That’s a good I remember the day I was opening this blog, bibi actually helped me. We finished setting up everything and bibi was like what do you want to call yourself?? I was like I dunno o. If you see the way this babe insulted me, you go think say na she born me hisss The name just popped in, I didn’t really have time to think about it thanks to that big head (bibi). I was like brownskin. It didn’t sound right, then I was like brownskinaijachic(its actually one “n”). You know I have to rep naija now. It sounded better; a fellow blogger started calling me BSNC. It was short, cool and simple. That was how brownskinaijachic aka bsnc was born, no childbirth process, no magic, no film trick…

3) Blogsville residents can be sure of a good laugh when reading your.
posts, is that supposed to be the theme of your blog??

It’s neither a yes nor a no. I just happen to have a lot of interesting people in my life and I was inspired by Mr. Naijafineboy himself. That dude sure knows how to make people laugh. I was like I want to do that too, I want to put a smile on people’s faces. Everybody needs a good laugh every once in a while. Most of my friends tell me I am funny, so I was like okay let me try this. I have shared a few emotional stories about my dad and my cousin, so it’s not really all laughs. I guess it depends.

4) Most of your posts always have this cheerful disposition about
them..are you generally a happy go lucky person??

Yes I am happy 95% of the time. I am alive, God has been wonderful to me, I have family and friends who are a basket full of fun…. It’s been good. I can’t complain. Don’t get me wrong I get angry, but it’s only once in while.

5) You take out time to reply individually to comments, how do you manage that considering the number of comments you get??

Ahn ahn I have just 2 comments what is hard there…lol. (am joking o). People take out time to read my blog and leave comments. They could have been anywhere, but they chose to read my blog and leave their comments. Its not an easy something I really do appreciate it, besides most of their comments are funny as hell. I actually enjoy replying them.

6) Anonymous your blog anonymous??

That was the idea before o, but some of my busy body family knows I have a blog. A few of my friends know as well( where did all this aproko people come from).

5) You decided to name your twin sister vanillaskin
naijachic......does she know about this and if she does what does she
have to say about it and your blog in general??

She doesn’t know I call her that, but she knows I have a blog. That chic’s philosophy is “no time for anything”. If I tell you what she thinks about my blog you guyz will pity for me o. Nuff said..

6) Your patient 'Mr Sean' This interview would not be complete
without mentioning him, your posts are never complete without a
story about his latest antics, is he like your major inspiration or

This juiceegal you no dey hear word, I said Mr.Naijafineboy inspired me ahn ahn…lol .I got the job the same week I opened my blog. It was a funny experience; it was only natural for me to share it with blogsville and before I knew it I was talking about him on the regular. To answer your question, no he is not my inspiration.

7) You have a joint blog with Bibi and london's flyhigh naija
chic...are you really good friends with these ladies and is there a
friendship outside of blogsville??

That reminds me sef we need to clean up the cobwebs on that blog o. we need to do something about that, sorry you were saying…. Ehen yea I am good friends with bibi, we see each other from time to time. I am becoming fast friends with flyhigh, but she is all the way In London : ( . They are both amazing people.

8) If your ''Granms'' accidentally stumbled across your posts about
her..what would be a typical reaction from her??

Which of them? my paternal GM or maternal GM. I once told my paternal GM that I talk about her on my blog. She didn’t really understand, but she didn’t seem to mind when I told her you guyz loved her.

My maternal GM is another story, she is constantly looking for ways to get me into trouble. She will ask me if I took her permission, then she will want to know each and everyone of you, name, parents,……….. or maybe she will rain insults on me with her dialect. I don’t know jo, that woman never ceases to amaze me and I have known her all my life. Beats me, I tell you.

9) Any particular blogs that inspire you to keep blogging??

A lot of blogs.. a lot . if I start mentioning names, there will not be enough space to complete it. I better not start what I can’t finish.

10) Any particular bloggers you would love to meet in person??

Wow I would love to meet most of the bloggers, not all sha. I am scared of a couple of them. I was chatting with one blogger the other day and he said if he sees me he will lock me inside his house. And do what now?? I be like jazz. Joke na joke o.

11) How long do you see yourself blogging for??

That’s another good question. Hmmm I guess as the spirit leads me.

12) Finally tell us a bit about your blogging experience so far and
what do you have to say about blogsville in general

My blogging experience has been wonderful. Who would have thought people would actually like what I wrote. I was the one who could never write anything. Now i even think I could write a book( okay bsnc respect yourself oo, you have to crawl before you run) YES I CAN.. lol

Blogsville is full of interesting people with creative minds, different opinions and views, ashewos, intelligent and funny people, and people who really have nothing to we still love them though. It’s also one of the best support groups. It’s truly amazing.

13) Oh and yea i forgot...any blogsville crushes?? Lol

I used to have a crush on a blogger, but the crush wasn’t returned, so I took my crush back : (

14) Once again thanks for taking out the time for this interview

I should be the one thanking you. The pleasure was all mine. Merci beaucoup

There we have it, BSNC on 'Blog(s)ville Gist Interview Fridays'....Catch you guys next friday.
PS: I'm sorry i could not include the questions some bloggers guys left it too late and by then i had already forwarded the interview questions to her....Please next time try and ask your questions before thursday evening, although i'm partly to blame cuz i put up the notice on wednesday.Accept my apologies.