Can I have your attention please?

Hello beautiful people of blogsville,

My name's Ms. 'dufa and I'm the newest addition to the team. Got any new, fresh, hot and steaming ideas to make blogsville more fab than it already is?  Drop a line.

I find it really interesting having a virtual community called "blogsville" and having a blog totally dedicated to the happenings around town and every other thing spicy!

Ok! What do I say now? Do I have to give info about myself??? I'm a 3rd year Accounting student. Good enough.

I'll be Introducing our newbies on blogsville so they can get a very warm blogsville welcome. If you're a newbie and by error or omission, I have failed to notice, drop an email at

Still on our "Blogsville Hot Bachelor Edition", a lot of people seemed really exited about it (I in particular) and even nominated some of thier favourite hot male bachelor bloggers. So I'm calling out everybody that was nominated, to make their blogsville followers, fans and friends alike delighted. I'm calling out:

1. Naija Bad Boy (N.B.B.)
2. Naija Bloke
3. Roc Naija
4. Sir Scribbles II
5. David ( Number - one God's fave)
6. Muyiwa
7. Chari
8. Sugar King
9. Blogorrati
10. Mancee
11. Skinny Legs
12. Baroque
13. Muyiwa
14. Emmy Million

Even I didn't call you out and you fit the bill (male, blogger, bachelor) just do these simple things:

If you would like to be featured in our Blogsville Hottest Bachelors edition, send an email to with
  1. A brief bio about ur (blog) self,
  2. A picture that represents you (we understand that most of you are anonymous),
  3. Qualities you look for in a woman,
  4. The most romantic thing you have ever done in a relationship,
  5. A relationship deal breaker
  6. Qualities you think you possess that makes you a desirable partner eg Can you cook ? :-)
  7. If you could go on a date with any blogger (based off her blog) who would it be and why.
 PS: If you nominate someone, don't forget to swing by their blogs and let them know they have been nominated cos we need them to answer these questions. 

O.K! that will be all for now. I'll be back sooner than you think.