Favorite newbie bloggers [Facebook Edition] 08/18/'09

Holla! Word has been going around that Blogsville Gist intends to present Blogsville hottest Bachelors and Bachelorettes! Start sending your nominations and a short bio/intro/blurb of the nominees to blogsvillegist@gmail.com. The Bachelors' will be showcased first.

Now to the topic of the day, with this week's dose of Favorite newbie bloggers, we have

Miss Afro, MzTaioFierce, Sugar King, Muyiwa Elegbede.

Miss Afro: She is the author of the blog, Red Cherries. I have to give her kudos for her top ten most annoying things about facebook. She claims that her feet are always cold, find out if that's figurative. She thinks strawberries are the biggest disappointment to the fruit kingdom.

MzTaioFierce: MzTayo is fierce and her main entry goes like this,

Tayo Pronounced: /ta-yər/ Origin: Western Nigeria Definition: A girl who is quite simple and tries her best to have fun always. Trying to discover herself completely.

Another wowzah about Mztayo is that she confidently claims that she is a FaceBook addict by giving 20+1 solid reasons.

Sugar King: Interesting guy, from three posts. It is no joke, when I infer that a tangible number of blogposts are inspired from some facebook-related ish, read SugarKing's The Cumming, and it's comments.

Muyiwa: He is the author of the blog, People in the Limelight, which is an entertainment news portal. Recent Nigerian and Western Entertainment News can be found on there regularly.

ps: If you want to suggest a newbie blogger, do send an email to blogsvillegist@gmail.com or drop a comment that indicates your interest.