Favorite Newbie Bloggers

This is your weekly dose of Blogsville Favorite Newbie Bloggers. We are still combating the blog recession. And we present this week's newbies!
: Histreasure, Naija's Sweet Chilli, Suru, Dame Halos, and Pengamer and Saint 007

Histreasure: Histreasure is a mother of two. She procastinated blogging for almost two years. Funny enough, she started in June and wrote 23 posts during that month. From her post her realised, the joy of being called 'Mummy' is not all rosy.

Naija's Sweet Chilli: A fresh newbie here with three posts on the run. The most recent is somewhat-cliche. Love scientists, the babe has 'the Case of the EX'. She needs help! I will not even dodge, I'm feeling the babe's name, blame it on my spicy tooth.

Suru: A portion of self-description is "Variety is life. There's no need to do one thing when you can do more. There's no reason to stick to the same thing when there's so much to explore." She wants to be open as possible, but not be too revealing. Decoding from her most recent post, maybe she can be random, but she claims,
"5. I don't really write with commas. I would rather just put a period."
Does that say something about her? I am not playing psych here, maybe a little.

Dame Halos: Six anonymous ladies, Monisola, Ayanfe, Tokunbo, Dara, Ayo and Morenike, co-author the blog. They search for what life brings to them such as: their friendships, their career paths, secrets and never the least their MR.RIGHT. The "MR. Right" is significant. I can't do this blurb justice, if I don't acknowledge Monisola's love triangles. Oh boy! Picture this and then this.

Pengamer and Saint 007: Saint 007 and Pengamer aka Ola lekan/Skinnylegz are two young men, who co-author a literary blog, Pen and Paper. This is the intro of one of Saint007's poems,

You can call me a maths set cuz i rule to perfection...
And when i compass girlz scream 4 my affection..
They call me the protractor cuz i'm more than they expected..
The divider, dividing my friendz from my foes...
Then i sharpen my friendz & erase my foes...
So they asked 4 a leader, so lik a pencil i lead..
But there waz no ink, so der waz nothin to be read..
That's it people.