Giligans is located at Ayala Terraces and is a good place to eat some grub and have a few drinks. They have a lot of group meals which could serve a number of persons with different dishes. It is usually cheaper to order their group meals if you are with a lot of friends, the only problem with this is you won't be able to choose the dishes you like.
We ordered the group meal and here are the dishes that were served to us.

Fish fillet - at first I was a bit confused if the dish I was eating was fish or chicken. I really couldn't distinguish it cause flavor of the sauce and the flour prevailed over the fish. The presentation of the food is also not very
Lechon kawali- tasted good and perfectly deep fried to a crisp. This was one of the dishes I liked on their menu.

Sisig - was not that good. It tasted more like chicharon mixed with some spices to make it look like sisig. I wasn't able to take some pictures cause this was the first dish that was served by the waiter and my brothers immediately attacked it.
Baked pork belly- the pork belly tasted like patatim, and the sauce was good.

Grilled chicken- really had nothing special to it. If your a big chicken fan, I wouldn't recommend this.

Sizzling gambas - the dish tasted great except for the fact that there were more vegetables and egg present on the dish than shrimps.

Squid - was cooked well. It was juicy and the flavor of the vegetables perfectly complemented it.
What ruined my experience at Giligans was their beer promo. The poster advertised a 4 bottles for 100 and that was the main reason why we ate there. When we ordered our drinks the waiter told us that they had had a cut off. Apparently the ad had a fine print on it and we weren't able to read it.

-- Boy