'Favorite newbie bloggers' continues

Despite the supposed Blog-recession, new bloggers still decide to come reside in Blogsville.

Fave newbie bloggers for this week are Kommy Obasa, Miz.Lola, Uduak Isong Oguamanam, IphyIgbogurl, Penelope

Kommy Obasa: Writer of Konfirmed Yarns, the name of his blog. "Kommytilla has spoken" is his signature, which I have. This guy usually blogs about relationships from the male perspective. His input on the way men think is quite tangible. He cooks. "I boil water, egg, rice, meat e.t.c. u know. fry egg, chicken, meat e.t.c. u know normal things make stew" on a personal note, guys with usable culinary skills kinda have a ring to them.

Miz.Lola: She's fresh on the e-boat. Her most recent adventure is her learning how to drive. Hopefully, she does! Unfortunately, she was dissapointed by the presentation of Nigerian Embassy officials in London, sad but not quite unexpected. We should watch out for more stories from her.

Uduak Isong Oguamanam: Nollyarts is the name of her blog. Most Blogsville residents can relate to this blog. One of her posts that caught my attention is Nigerian Books versus Nigerian Films. I have found myself wondering if Nigerian novels can be justly compared with Nigerian fillms.
I got this picture from one of her blogsposts. With blogs like NollyArts, I see Nollywood gaining awareness and eventually getting to par with almighty Hollywood. Hey!

IphyIgboGurl: When I first saw her name, many thoughts crossed my mind. The babe is hilarious. I mean, who puts garlic in Banga soup? One of my fave blog entries of hers is
ok...before i go into the main topic....may i just say this...
when u see 40-something to fifty year old women at a naija event with their lace and aso-ebi taking pictures and saying WHICH ONE WILL BE THEIR FACEBOOK PROFILE PIC!!.....then surely...the end times are near.

Penelope: Penelope has been blogging, since March. She's gone from being anonymous to having a picture of herself on her blog. Her posts are randomly-themed and she claims to be quite random at heart.

Till next Tues people,

Have a fab week.

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