Newbies of the week

Leggy went private! When I first read that she was going private, I wasn't ecstatic, then it seemed she was willing to carry everyone else along with her. It just got better.

From her first private post, it's obvious that she's on a whole new level. I like!

Okay and our Newbies are : *drumrolls*

Twist! - Twist is a wedding and events blog. Twist! specializes in full service event design, planning and management for weddings, birthdays, product launch, and any other event. Chari and Buttercup might want to check this one out. :)

Neo : She has two blogs. One about her daily activities and the other contains draft of an unpublished book : Memoirs of a Socialite. Both I find very interesting. She leaves me thinking what I'll do if I'm about to board a plane and someone shouts "BOMBS ON THE PLANE!." When people are naming their cars Amy, Drake, Kelly or even 'dufa, she decides to call hers Chukuma. Babe is a Lawyer, so if you need legal advice just hit her up.

Ociajan : Purple is the new black. She's so sprung on shoes...what's more? She's sprung on the colour purple and she makes it so easy to get addicted to it. Being the fashionista that she is, every post includes an exciting picture of a purple shoe. She's a med student and she dances! She has a video up.

Tumi Jegede : She's a student studying architecture and this is the basis of her blog. So if you're an architect or you're somewhat interested in architecture and architectural designs, you've got to check her out. She's got loads of pictures and videos. She poses the question : Are architects relevant in Nigeria?

Gaga : Her's is your typical everyday read kind of blog and all the fun that comes down with it. She's been reading blogs and is so excited to be a blogger.

Congrats to Leggy, BSNC, etc their have celebrated their 50th! My turn will come too. Congrats to Sir Scribbles who will soon be celebrating his 100th in his next post,. He's determined that we all shall not hear word until this day comes.

I've got to run. More coming your way soon, I hope you check them out and I do hope you like them.