Fresh out the water..The Newbies again!

Hey beautiful people,

How was your weekend? Well, I do hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

That said, we have some interesting people coming to town and I'm quite sure they'll get the usual, ever-warm, blogsville welcome

The newbies for the week are :

Honey 91 : She is the freshest kid on the block as she started blogging some few days ago. She's four days into blogsville and she already has 3 posts up! 4days, 3 posts! We all have a lesson to learn from her. :)
Talk about massive blogging! Her blog is titled Dear Diary, hence, she gives us a very interesting insight into what goes on in her mind.

Emmy millionaire: I personally think he should be a D.J because he has such great taste in music! Fortunately or unfortunately, he's a doctor.
He has a list of the Top50 songs that should be rocking your i-pods, zunes, mp3 players, phones, laptops...etc! Looks like we have our own blogsville Jimmy Jatt.
Did i mention that he writes really nice poems?  There's this one he wrote about Colours. That's my favourite,  he did something wonderful with it.

Myne Whitman : She's an aspiring writer. Watch out for her, she might just be the next Chimamanda Adichie. She gives us the drafts (more like a sneak preview) to her soon-to-be published book. Her writing skills display an uncanny knack for detail. Take your time and start from the first post so you can understand the story so far.

David : This is the smooth operator a.k.a lesbian maker. Its easy to mistake David as an Oldie because he updates so regularly! He's currently teasing us all with a series which  he's yet to confirm if its fact or fiction.  He constantly declares that he's not only God's No.1 but also his No.1 favorite! He has strong views on the state of Nigeria today, but there's still the "smooth operator" side to all of him. Maybe its an alter ego, maybe it's not.

Histreasure : She details the experiences of a mother, fabulous wife and mother! Most occupants of blogsville have started stalking.. so join the train! She's funny and I'm quite sure aspiring husbands, wives and mothers, will learn a thing or two from her experiences.

Please do check them all out. Thanks :)

P.S: Leggy went "un-privatised". She's back to being a regular civilian like us all. ;)