Hottest Bachelors

Sorry it has taken so long. The competition starts for sure on Monday, Sept 28th (for sure x2)! You'll get a chance to vote for ur favorite bachelor. We have pictures to go along too. I bet you can't wait to see those. I will be making the process a little more anonymous, by putting up only the entries and pictures without the actual blogger's name. I would like u guys to take time to read their entries and vote based on that. However, if u r swayed by their picture, that is totally beyond my control ;) The name of the winner will be revealed after voting ends. They will be lettered A-H.

Thanks for ur patience. I know this has been a long time coming, but i am doing the best i can with the limited time i have. Special thanks to Juicegal and Ms. dufa, for keeping this site going. It would definitely not be possible without them.

Newbie bloggers coming soon. Ms. Dufa is working on it. Blogsville Hottest Bachelor competition, starts live and direct, Monday, Sept 28th. Watch this space.

Have a good weekend everyone and be safe.