Lamesa Grill

Lamesa Grill is Located at the Northwing In SM City Cebu. They offer a wide variety of filipino foods to cater the cravings of your taste buds. Although I have visited the place a couple of times, I only had the time to write this post now.
Some of the food in their menu are found in most restaurants here in Cebu but there are some dishes which are totally new to me. The flavors of their dishes have also some difference compared to the some of the filipino restaurants found here in Cebu.

Scallops - we ordered this for our appetizers. This is one of the few dishes found in almost any filipino restaurant here in Cebu.

Pinabarog nga Manok - I've tried ordering different kinds of fried chicken in a lot of restaurant here in Cebu and so far this is one of the dishes that has caought my attention. The presentation of this dish is totally different and something that I haven't seen before. The presentation of this dish definitely made it more appetizing. The dish also lived up to my expectations and was delicious and juicy.

Pancit Canton - another dish common to all filipino restaurants. This is a staple dish whenever we eat at a filipino restaurant cause this is one of my brothers favourite dishes.

Minced bangus with dried mango - I wasn't able to taste this dish, my mother ordered this dish and I am really not a fan of dried mangoes.

Sisig Lumpia - a different way of combining two dishes into one. We ordered this dish out of curiousity and ended up loving it.

If you are in the mood for a different experience of filipino food, you should definitely consider trying Lamesa Grill. The food taste great and the service of their friendly staff are excellent.