Meet your bachelors!

UPDATE: We now have a picture for Bachelor C

Drumroll please.....

It's time to meet our bachelors. I have taken the liberty of removing the names of the bloggers, and slightly editing their responses just to remove obvious identifiers such as blog names and stuff like that just to ensure that you guys read their responses and are not swayed by "friendship". I'm sure u guys will still know who some of these bloggers are anyway, but i tried. So they are lettered A - H. You guys better not be swayed by looks ;-)

Hmmm...Born Bachelor A in August 1980+(A digit more than 5) to a family of about 9 kids hehe
Speaks fluent english and pidgin and if you like I can deceive you I speak french and spanish too
Schooled in Lagos,Nigeria-early age in an ajebo school hehe later on moved to become aje pako that he reamains today
completed secondary education around 2004 and got into some higher institution but sadly had to drop out to fulfill a career in blogging once every 2 or more week and do a lot of facebook.
Today has one blog and a VERY active facebook account

A smart,funny woman and pretty,not necessarily Alicia keys but should be pretty
A bad ass fit body wouldn't be unappreciated.
A kinda woman who understand all the rubbish I sometimes say
A woman who's gat something cool to say
I'm talking woman when it ought to be girl
but A woman with the spirit of a girl would go just fine
A woman who completes me,compliments me and teaches me stuff and understands when I try to teach her........I think his list might be endless so I'll stop here

I wouldn't say I'm much of a romeo but I once gave some girl my transport fare and lunch money to pay for a cab while I walked about 3km home
I would think that was romantic hehe
I once tried to fight some random agbero for my sis but that doesn't couunt does it? considering that she's my sis and I'm normally not a fan of her

A girl who neglects or lies to me.

I don't mind cutting your nail and kissing in public and giving you #*@/# lol
I will try hard to respect you and will surely change for you if I love you..
I cook the baddest indomie noodles you will taste in a while hehe

Recently I've been loving Ms.'dufa's mind so I guess I shouldn't change that,I'd like to see the face behind that "smartness"

A brief bio about ur (blog) self: An awesome Igbo boy, he's a student in London and currently studying for his postgraduate degrees in Strategic Business IT. His Blog is simply an dextension of himself, know the blog and you know Sir Scribbles II

Qualities you look for in a woman:
she has to be either romantic or appreciate romance cos that's how I roll, Pays attention to detail, appreciates the little gestures and reciprocates, good sense of humour, we have to be able to grow together emotionally rather than wait for the other to catch-up, Godly, Intelligent, Considerate, MUST KNOW HOW TO COOK PASTA!!!

The most romantic thing you have ever done in a relationship:
Well that's a tough one, I 'll settle for spontaneity, It's a general description for romance in my relationships. I do stuff when it hits me. Sorry I can't pinpoint ONE romantic thing

A relationship deal breaker: Dem are plenty mehn! Change due to pretence, lies, manipulation, inconsideration,

Qualities you think you possess that makes you a desirable partner
: Rumour has it that I'm funny so I have a good sense of humuor, I'm smart, warm, very handy, romantic, oh and I'm tall!...give me a few more weeks and I'll be able to coo

If you could go on a date with any blogger (based off her blog) who would it be and why: I'll be damned if I answer this question, na so scandal dey start


hmmm so where do I start...yh so my blog is basically about life in general(yawn)lol and how I see it differently from a lot of people...and of course this different way is usually the right way ;)...watever occurrences take place in my life that are worth blogging about...okay scratch that..watever events I remember to put up-there are so many of them you see lol-are included.
What I am is a very free-spirited but rigid individual-hence the name bachelor C
I'm down for a lot of things but i'm more 'holy' than most guys...i'm a complete gentleman.
any girl looking for a 'bad boy' should go elsewhere fast.

Qualities you think you possess that makes you a desirable partner
I'm not a big drinker...never smoke..basically the kinda guy who jus likes to chill and have a good time. Yeah I CAN cook...pretty well I might add.

The most romantic thing you have ever done in a relationship

Seeing as I'm a young'n and my 'experience' is limited I haven't really done anything romantic except for some embarrasing secondary school sturvs lol but deep down I won't lie i'm a hopeless romantic.

Qualities you think you possess that makes you a desirable partner

Oh yeah I'm a pretty smart guy...head boy in primary and high school..

If you could go on a date with any blogger (based off her blog) who would it be and why
Crushes...penelope and tay-mee...yeah u got ;).
So did I hype myself enough?lol


**VERY VERY VERY DEEP SIGH** Now where do I start? **hands shaking and mind in a state of mumbo jumbo**
My blog is only about a month old, so i guess i'm still a baby, lol. I actually detest writing...I only do it in exams because it's compulsory in that situation. I started blogging after I wrote a few notes on facebook and I got huge compliments from my friends. Most were very impressed and asked me not to bury my talent and some people actually told me to start writing books (we'll see about that).
I thought of how to keep writing and sharing my ideas and facebook seemed limited so I took to blogging just like two of my friends did (should i name names?) I still don't really like writing but I will admit that I'm more into it than I was. My blog's not limited to a specific aspect of life, that's how I like thing. I don't like setting bounderies or limitations.

Qualities i look for in a woman
.hmm??? do i really have to answer?
Whenever I'm asked this question, I ask the person this before I go on to answer...WHAT IS THE FIRST RULE OF ATTRACTION? Anyone?
Well, the answer to that question comes first but it's not the predominant factor. I like a woman who's humble, God fearing and intelligent. I love smart girls and I'm not talking only about "book smart" here, I mean someone whose mind is very active and intelligent. someone who can hold a conversation with me and challenge my thinking. Someone I that will believe in me and also know when to apply the brakes for me when I'm going over board with risk taking. Someone that I can relate with on almost any level, am I making sense? lol...that's all i'll say for now but I think you get the pic, right?
The most romantic thing you have ever done in a relationship
hmm...??? I've never had a relationship, lol! believe it or not but it's the fact. I've sorta been in onw but I can't call it a relationship because through out the period in which it lasted, I saw the girl just once...ok, maybe like 3 or 4 times. It's a long story but I've been a pretty good love doc though...LOL!!! But I think I'm romantic, at least i've been told that by some girls but till I get a gf and get in one fully then I'll know that for sure.

Relationship deal breaker
Lack or betrayal of trust...that's the major thing that crashes relationships i think. I know I talk too much but I'll give examples: lack of trust will make either partner suspect and question the other's every move. That then becomes irritaing and later annoying until neither partner will be able to stand the other and YAKATA!!! the whole thing comes crashing down.

Let's say I trust my gf (i'm not sayin that I have any oh!!!) and I walk into our room at a time she's not expecting me to be home and I catch her with another man, in can imagine right? Even if i say I forgive her, she probably won't be able to turn me on and I wont be able to touch her because I'll always think about that instance...let's say it's not even betrayal of trust as regards sexual infidelity, let's say that I somehow found out that she had been stealing my money or that almost all the things she told mem especially about herself were lies, the effect will still be the same even if the degree is different. I've stayed out of relationships because i could sense that the girl will lack trust in me and it won't be worth the emotional turmoil and the few (2 or 3) that I've been willing to give a go at...let's just say they weren't meant to be.

Qualities you think you possess that makes you a desirable partner

HAHAHA!!! well, I don't really like answering that kind of question because it makes me feel like I'm bragging about's for me to act and for you to find out but that's not quite possible, right? Well, I will say that I listen, I'm sensitive (i think)...I'm nice (lots of people have said that I am) but that doesn't get you a girl now, does it? Being a "jerk" does the trick so I'm working on that, lol! You can ask me the other qualities you think a desirable partner should have and I'll tell you if I have it or not...I won't lie.
OH!!! I think I can cook...try putting me to the test and see if I pass ;-D and "I'M NOT LIKE EVERY OTHER GUY"...believe it or not, it's whatever you!
If you could go on a date with any blogger (based off her blog) who would it be and why
Hmm...since I'm new, can I just not answer that question?!

oh yeah, I forgot to add that it's all cuz of God that I am what I am today...He alone deserves all the glory

Bachelor E

I am 19 yrs old.
in my 3rd year at the University of Windsor studying Software Engineering(comp sci)
i also have some sort of clothing line called " KONFIRMED" .
My blog is basically about my life experience with relationships, love, girls, emotional sturvz from a males point of view basically although i may shift from time to time.


In my blog I said i do not believe an individual has a type or that type exist. but things i would like... a normal girl, with every normal girl behaviour. love doesnt come at once. u build it... but it would be a sure plus if she can sing... wierd but am unique like that.

I dont know if I am romantic cant be a judge of that but i guess the only thing i can think of now. is driving and 8hrs journey to see my girlfriend while i was sick. stopped 6 times to vomit on the road but still went on wiv the journey cos i promised here il show up and didnt want to break my promise.

sorry o. but kommy no to pass english language for school and he dont know exactly what to write under his heading. but if its what i think. ... na il leave it blank before i go and mess myself up.

Well. I know I am not an ugly guy,hope that counts
I can cook.
I believe i have a good sense of humour... got jokes for days.
good listener
clean. well just started my clean movement.
love music.
iono i believe i have qualities i myself may not know about.

BLOGGER I WILL WANT TO DATE. (unwritten) any day anytime. i just feel a connection with her. i go to her blog everyday to check for updates...

Bachelor F
Brief bio:

Umm, let's see... I'm igbo - from Anambra. I'm 25, dark complectioned, 5'8, definitely not in the "tall" category (smile). I'm an engineer, i live and work in P.H, and i'm single and searching (lol). Ok, ummm, basically i'm a fun-loving guy, i love dancing, hanging out wiv my friends on friday nights, and swimming. I don't know if this counts as a plus or minus, but i'm one helluva book-worm. Oh, and i can cook! Now that's definitely a plus, haahaaha!

Deep down though, i'm a very serious-minded dude; an un-planned life ain't worth living s'far as i'm concerned. I know exactly where i wanna be 10 years from now - and i don't intend to have a break-down on the way. Any thing else?

Qualities i want in a woman:

- tolerant (i work late, smoke, drink, plus i can be really naughty sometimes)

- sincerity

- smart, fun-loving, and down-to-earth

- must know how to cook!!

See, its a long, winding list and i know i ain't perfect, so all i really want is a cute home-grown lady who accepts me the way i am.

The Most Romatic thing i've done:

I guess that would be the pencil-potrait i did for my g-f in my final year in school; it was very beautiful - and i'm not exaggerating. I drew it myself. She never really liked people buying or doing things for her, so i wanted to do something she just couldn’t refuse... ahh, but its a story for another day.

A Relationship Deal-breaker (??):

Umm, i really don't understand what that means, so i'm just guessing it has to do with habit(s) that spell doom in a relationship. Ok, if that's what it is, then for me it's "playing away-matches" (lol); that's cheating in lay-terms. Nobody likes being cheated on.

My Good Qualities:

lwkm! Ok, my good "chineke-boy" qualities, here goes:

- i won't lie to my g-f; i figure lying about something ugly i did only makes it worse.

- i'm not exactly a romantic, but i can be really spontaneous (i heard ladies like that too!).

- i'm very perceptive.

- i can cook, really! hahaha!! it comes from growing up in a house with no girls.

- i don't keep malice (if you hurt me and i say it's ok, then it is - just don't keep on repeating it, please).

- and lastly, i plan ahead (money-wise, at least). Baring another financial meltdown in the near future or crazy natural disaster, my future family should be just fine!

My Dream Blog-date:

That one is easy. NICE ANON!!! Mehn, that gurl is real... as in, REAL - smart, down-to-earth, no strings attached. She gives it to you the way it is, without demeaning or insulting your ego, no pretence whatsoever. Plus she can joke!! Damn, baby can joke! Ahh, well, its all a pipe-dream shaa - she's is in U.K, i'm in Naija - that's like 10 countries apart. Oh and, i'm betting there's a queue of young studs lined-up outside her popsie's gate, all waiting with kegs of palmwine! (lol!!) Ok, i'm just kidding.

I’m free to go now, shebi?

Bachelor G

I find it difficult talkin about myself cuz usually I am not inclined
to doing that buh here goes...

My blog name ... a mythical fire
lizard, the choice of the pseudonym is reminiscent of the fiery
personality I had at the time I started the blog...I can safely say
that I have evolved in that time. Less of fire and more of an old
sage. No name change is in view though...

So what is Bachelor G without mentioning my gf? She is both my lover
and my best friend. I feel privileged as well as lucky to have her in
my life. Just when I think we cannot get any closer and deeper in our
relationship, I find out all over again that we have barely scratched
the surface. Whoever said it takes a life time to truly know someone
forgot to mention how much fun it is getting to truly know your ONE.
[Forgive me for being corny here...] If had to go right back to
beginning to go through all the BS in my life all over again, I would
without battin an eyelid because she is worth it all.

So much for a brief bio eh?

Qualities I look for in a woman?

whooooa. The sad thing is, which is also I good thing...I dunno what its like to be babe hunting any more. For obvious reasons, even if the best babe to you were standing in front of me I wouldn't know it even if she were doing a strip tease onmy nose. My babe is woman enough for me mehhh....

At this point I think I am properly irritating some people enough to
barf their brains VEX! E get as e dey DO ME!

Chill sef am I supposed to be classified as an eligible bachelor?

The most romantic thing I have done is yet to come!!!!

Just watch out...Valentine's Day 2010!
Relationship deal breaker
Money-hungry-man-eaters are definitely the deal breaker for memehnn...Once you start telling me that you are broke [bi freakin red light] or that I should try and pitch in for your the payment for your hair, I'm gone like the wind mehh...I dunno you like that... [yes we do have enough of them in good girls' clothing in unilag]. If a man wants to spend on you, he will let you know. Don't even HINT at it!

What makes you a desirable partner?
Aww mahn...I dunno oh...There is almost no Yoruba-Nigerian dish I cannot make...I can even make edikaikong and Mbanga! Breakfast in bed is my specialty, and not just toast and coffee, I am talking world class power breakfast mehn...[Guess I owe my culinary skills to all
those days of sweatin in the kitchen with ma mother and getting knocked on the head with the back of the spoon for dawdling -- Howdy Mama!]

I am told I give the insanest massages. I do particularly enjoy using my hands in loosening up all those knots and stoking whatever flames have been doused by the tensions and the stress of a hard day...

I would give anything to be havin dinner right now with my girl at Lagoon restaurant in Lagos with its breathtaking view of the five cowrie creek. :(
Ok you can quit holding back, you can go and vomit now...

Bachelor H
Bio; I am an Information Technology professional currently at uni of east london ,i think that reflects on my blog. I started blogging last year as an associate blogger and i started my own blog officially this year.My blog is all about entertainment and lifestyle,i m doing this cos i wanna be a publisher in this area,so thats why i started with online publishing which is the blog and i have gotten few offers based on that.

Qualities i look for in a woman ; My own kinda woman must be attractive,sexy ,understanding,eloquent,and must know something about everything,i guess you know what i mean.

The most Romantic thing;i think it was when i celebrated my former GF bday for her ,or is that not romantic enough

A Relationship deal breaker; if my partner is not faithful ,that can break the whole thing

Qualities;I know i am good looking and thats for sure,i dress very well,i am romantic, i am eloquent,i know something about everything,and yes i can cook well cos no one cooks for me,i do myself if i dont go to restaurant or cafe.

Date with any blogger;this one is hard ooo,but if i wanna choose,it will be more than one blogger,i think yinkuslolo will not be bad cos she has a good sense of humour,also geeconnect,rene,and so on like that