Quick shoutout 01/09/2009

Hey guys.....sorry I've been MIA, been dealing with life for lack of a better way to explain my absence.I missed last week Friday's interview sessions..i promise i'l make it up to you guys. So I've got loads of amebo for you guys....you guys should watch this space...but here are a few observations:

-First whats with this going private business ehn?? You guys should chill out abeg.
-Apparently there was this gossip website thing going on....heard there's another one too, but not to worry it's a teenage thing, kinda for the 'elite' teenagers, so if u're not an 'elite' or u're not a teenager then your ass is safe...lol.
-We are still awaiting some people's 100th post...at least blogsville would hear word after that 100Th post has been posted..lol
-So it has come to my attention that y'all have been hooking up outside blogsville....best be assured that I'm gonna dedicate a whole post to that when i get my facts right.
-If you don't know it....a lot of our bloggers have moved on to a much more exciting land called tweetville....y'all would be surprised at how active some bloggers that haven't uploaded in ages are there.
-So i hear there's now E-Sermon here on blogsville....hmmmmmm, I'll be back to feature it properly.

That's it for now........I'll be back when I'm more settled..just wanted to inform you guys that we are still alive, sting is really busy at the moment, but we have the lovely miss dufa on our team now and you guys are going to be hearing a lot from her now.
PS: Whats going on with our bachelors now?? I'm not feeling the response o..oya you guys should start submitting your bio sharp sharp ehen.