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The Federal Ministry of Blogville warns that the following post might not be as true as you may think. All mention of bloggers real and imagined are merely coincidental and are not aimed at slandering any blogger whatsoever. For all legal enquiries please contact, Blogville Attorney-General - SAB [Senior Advocate of Blogville]

....in and around Blogsville, if it's there, we'll find it....


        The quaint city of Blogville in Bloggeria is an unassuming and very peaceful city at first glance. This town of blogville is home to several celebrity icons like the Political Blogger and Sweet Mother extraordinaire, Solomonsydelle. Other members of this close knit community include the Tri-headed trio of Cerberus, the (in)famous girl-wetdream Roc and the super funny bloggers Sir Scribbles, BSNC and Nice Anon.  Situated at the imaginary 9th planet of the solar system, cyberspace. It is a place loved by one and all. On the 20th day of August 3009, however, horror struck this picturesque little town.         

        It's quite a shame and we feel like we've been holding out as this may on a first note be called a stale gist. However , it is a very serious case and as we announce, we do so with deep regrets and a sincere hope that this situation would be resolved soon. You will recall that the blog of fiery and sweet where our platinum Grammy Award winning couple for "Best Blog Collabo" and "Cupid Wins" is notable for its infectious saccharine sweetness and positive outlook on life. The couple were said to be enjoying a soothing and relaxing evening, via internet chat, after a very hectic day when as our one and only Chari ran mad.    

        Chari, according to unnamed sources, planned a romantic escapade with his beloved, Buttercup. Rumors have said that this escapade was meant to live up to the name of their blog and it had been under a lot of planning for a very long time. Details of their escapade was leaked to the press and humbly reported first by your one and only Blog(s)ville gist in our post titled "BLOGGER SNEAKS OFF TO NAIJA FOR WEEK LONG RUNMU-RUNMU". You would probably also recall our other post "RUNMU-RUNMU GONE BLEAK"  that expressed our sincere regret on being unable to report what happened due to unknown circumstance.

        Sources close to the blogger who pleaded anonymity said that the lid of sanity of Mr. Charizard On-fire blew off and the screws screwed the wrong way on the evening of the 20th. When the said blogger received news of yet another obstacle to the successful meeting with his sweet heart. His ever loving mother, overflowing with 'great love', who until recently was away on a business trip decided to cut it short because she was missing her son. The already well cemented air tight plans that woulda seen a premature end to the celibacy agreement made by our beloved gemini duo. The idea of the week long romp was to ease the stress and 'agro' of being apart [Read: LDR]. 

          The future seems very bleak right now and that's where you our beloved readers and fellow bloggers come into the picture. We heard that the mosques, churches and other religious organizations (we don't discriminate) have been rendering hushed prayer about the present conditions. Millions and million of Dollars, Rands and Nairas have been spent as doctors here and abroad have been conducting intensive researches on how to resolve the mental condition. Blogville's very own Doctor Bumight was called in to render her specialist advice. The symptoms she reported include: Blurry Vision, Hairy Palms, Hallucinations, and the ubiquitous hard on. Dr. Bumight refused to give any comments to any of our correspondents on a case she said was severely baffling for her.

We at our humble blog have been rendering prayers also every day since we heard about the situation. We've decided to extent the hand to you, we need your prayers, the Gemini Duo needs your prayer, Chari needs your prayers. Help us return our humble Duo to their blog, sources claim that Buttercup has refused blogging-hence the hiatus- till her beloved comes back to the blog. You recall the passionate post "Like Moth to Flame" by our very own Chari before this calamity befell. We can't also not ignore the cute Buttercup's post, "Disappointed..." . Do we fail to remember how sweet and humble they were when they answered our numerous questions on their 100th, Exam Solutions. All these posts might come to an end if there's no solution, if you loved the nostalgia they have one you better fire all them prayers, show support and love anyway you can.We still want them to make it to Superstardom.

Don't forget to vote for them in the upcoming Grammy Awards for "Cupid Wins" and their blog "Best collabo" . Also, we need not to remind you to vote for us "Gossip Lounge" and your other favorite bloggers. If there's any bloggers gossip blog as good as ours, it must be another Blog(s)ville gist. Have you got any gist for us? Send it to us at blogsvillegist@gmail.com.

Ms. 'Dufa

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Rene and Chari