This Thing called Twitter 23/09/2009

Hello lovely people of blogsville...sorry for going AWOL on you guys.....lets just say life happened or maybe twitter
First there was Hi5, then came along My Space, then we thought Facebook was the bestdamnthing, but along came Twitter in all its 140 words limit glory. Now its looking like twitter is the best thing that ever happened to social networking.
I digress, back to what today's post is all about, is it me or is twitter or 'tweetville' as its fondly called by its residents slowly but surely taking over our dear town called 'blogsville'. I'm not gonna lie, I'm guilty of abandoning blogsville for life on the fast lane which in this case is twitter. Take a trip down there and you would find so many bloggers who have been gone for far too long, Sirius i see you. Even the ones that said they would never join have caved in, Sir Scribbles and Tay-mee i see you too.
You guys should also check out this brilliant piece written by Ex-school nerd. Even our darling Sting has decided to join the fast paced land called twitter....What more can i say, is twitter taking over blogging??? Sidebar- should you decide to join life on the fast lane, be sure to undergo an induction course which includes language classes, they speak a different language in tweetville.
Catch u later Tweethearts Ooops sorry Sweethearts.