Vanille Cafe & Patisserie

Located at the Second Level of the Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu, this pastry and coffee shop offers a wide variety of drinks and pastries which are delicious and appealing to the eyes. The pastry shop has a unique chic design which will only enhance your curiosity to the shop.

Their violet furniture are perfectly matched to the interior and gives it a unique ambiance compared to other coffee shops.

What makes this cafe and pastry shop stand out from the rest of its counterparts are the pastries and drinks that are found in their menu. Most coffee and pastry shops have more or less the same products with minor difference in terms of flavor.

Mocha Mint – P100.00
Vanilla Blue – P105.00

Vanille offers an whole new different set of pastries and drinks that are not found in most cafe and pastry shops. The first impression that I had in mind when I saw their pastries is that these are the pastries found in fancy restaurants.

Calypso – P75.00
Lopera - 85.00